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  • Say What!! <br /> A Study of 1 Peter 3:13-15 (NIV) <br /> How in the World Do I Witness In the World?<br /> <br /> This scripture admonishes us to actively think ahead about how we will witness to another person, believer or none believer about the hope that we have within us. It brings the question to the forefront; “What is the hope that you have?”
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  • It's A New Yeat I have news for you, all of you, we are about to embark upon a voyage where no man has gone before. 2011 will be an adventure that is brand new to each of us and the good news is where we are going, God is already there!
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  • The Purpose of the Church Part 6 Final We are going to discover this morning the purpose of the house of God. Over these last five weeks we have built a structure of words. We started out recognizing that God called His people, His creation, to come and serve Him in Holiness using what he already provided within us. Then we built a foundation on our theoretical building indicating that this foundation was Jesus Christ. As long as we had Jesus at the foundation the building would be sound. We discussed the wall building process of the edification of the believers and the exaltation of God. Finally we capped the building with a roof that we called “The Purposeful Action of the Church”, proactively reaching out to the lost, known as the Evangelization of Sinners, and the Purposeful Preparation of the People so that we will know how to reach the lost.
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  • The Purpose of the Church Part 5 In order to reach the lost in the world you must have a purposeful preparation of the believer.
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  • The Purpose of the Church Part 4 Part four in the series we will focus on the evangelism of the un-churched.
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  • The Purpose of the Church Part Three Third in the series we look at the three purposes of the church. Part two we looked at the Exaltation of God, this week we will look into the edification of the believer.
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  • The Purpose of the Church Part 2 Second in the series The Purpose of the Church, We focus on the fact that Jesus Christ is the foundation of the church.
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  • Intro to The Purpose of the Church series First in a series of six sermons on the Purpose of the Church;<br /> <br /> The Staff God has a purpose of each of his created ones and he uses us with what we already have.
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