Under Law

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Under Law

One of the most misunderstood phrases in the Bible are the words “under the law.” I dont think anyone has ever bothered to sit down, and actually study out what this means. Let me show you.

When a criminal breaks the law, and is brought before the judge, he is “under law.” But if a person is obedient to said law, he never has to appear before a judge. Let me show you.

Ex 18:13-26

Now mind you, this was a “righteous judgment.” It was ordained of Yahweh, because even Yahweh told Isaiah, “I gave you judges at the first.”

But I want to show you this, because most people that sit in pews every sunday morning, have been lied to by their pastors, and they are ignorant of it.

Acts 21:18-26

Right here there was a sect (we were always told it was a Jewish sect, it wasnt, it was a Christian sect that said Paul condemned the law), that are still in the churches/behind the pulpits today.

Gal 4:21-31

Under – hupo, means to act covertly, to break.
Law – nomos, principles of conduct, moral living.

So a person that is “under law,” is classified as a criminal, and MUST appear before “the Judge.”

Romans 8:1-17

You are only condemned, if you are found “guilty of breaking the law.” But if you through the spirit, put to death the deeds of the flesh, you are not a “law breaker” anymore.

Romans 6:1-7

Let me explain; real simple. Witness Protection. A person that is a murderer, and has committed unspeakable crimes, if he gives himself up, and his “old lifestyle,” he is given a “new name,” and brought in to live a “new life.” Therefore the things that “Ryan McGinnis did years ago,” I am no longer held guilty for. I will not be held responsible for, I repented, received a new name, and live a new life. I am a new creation.

Isa 62:2-5
Rev 3:12-13

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