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Under Falsehood

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Under Falsehood

Isaiah 28:14-19

I want you to pay close attention to this, because this is a prophecy of the last days. Who is 'ruling in Jerusalem today?' Three religious factions, Christendom, Islam, and Greek Orthodox. Notice how Isaiah describes them; Mockers!

Talking to several people the last few days, they all agree. Gentiles are “raptured out,” and Jews will suffer the Great Tribulation. But, here is the thing; Who taught them this idea? It came from the “rulers in Jerusalem,” the three main branches of religion today. I want to show you this, because how many know, that what is taught in these three today, is actually “unscriptural?” Watch this;

The common ideology today is that the “Gentiles” are NOT Israelites, but will partake of Israels inheritance. This is “replacement theology.” In Galatians 4, Gentiles were “adopted into Israel,” thus they are Israelites, but they are claiming this is “replacement theology.” This is a 'falsehood,' its twisting scripture to say the exact opposite of what its saying. But let me show you this;

Romans 11:13-32

The Grafting process is an 'adoption process.' Because when you graft in a branch, it takes on the same characteristics and produces the same fruits as the root. So when the Gentiles are “adopted in,” they are supposed to perform the same Covenant as Israel is to. But most people are clueless to what Yahwehs Covenant is.

Isaiah 1:10-15

What is Yahwehs Covenant? Its His Word.

Yahweh showed me something, that the whole of Christendom hasnt learned yet, maybe never will.
What is “Jacobs Trouble?”

Jer 30:4-9

Two words we find here;

Yaacob = Supplanter
Tsarah = Tribulation

Rome “supplanted” Israels inheritance (the Word), and took it as their own. Iesus, Christos are all words that are “supplantations” for the words “Yahshua Messiah.” So the 'Year of Jacobs Trouble' is NOT for the Israelites, its for the “Supplanters.” Those that have “taken Yahwehs Word from Israel, and replaced it with their own.”

The Word even prophesied that the 'Gentiles' would do this.

Jeremiah 23:19-32

The Hebrew says;
The Prophets, Says Yahweh, that use their languages saying, He says. They prophesy false dreams says Yahweh, and declare, to cause the people to wander to lies, frivolity; I did not send, nor command it: they will not profit this people at all says Yahweh.

This is a prophesy concerning Israel in the last days. Many “false prophets” have led Israel astray, teaching “falsehoods,” and lies, to cause Israel to wander after them. No more.

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