The Freewoman
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The Freewoman

I was reading through one of Dads messages yesterday, and stumbled on something, I dont think he grasped, or caught. He made mention of the Freewoman being 'unrestrained, and a citizen,' but I dont think he really delved into what it meant. Let me show you;

Gal 4:1-11, 19-31

Two words I want to show you here;

Stoicheion (elements); to march in a military rank, or to keep step with the Kosmos, to conform to the ways of the Kosmos.

Kosmos – to be provided for according to an orderly fashion.

In other words, if the Jones buys a jet, we must have a jet. If the Jones believe Christianity, we must believe christianity. Are you following the pattern? Whatever is the 'Societal Norm,' that is what 'Nepios' will conform to.'

The second word is;

Eleutheros (freewoman); unrestrained, a citizen, exempt (from obligation and liability).

We who are children of the freewoman, are not 'liable for taxes, social security, nor are we under any obligation to pay it, since we are not 'slaves' of the system, but are citizens.

Matthew 17:24-26

Yahshua uses this word 'eleutheros' right here in the same context. Those of the 'freewoman, they are citizens, they are not liable, or obligated to pay taxes.' Are you hearing me? Because we are of the freewoman, and not of the 'strangers,' we are not obligated to pay taxes.

John 8:31-37

Yahshua again states; “If the Son (Huios) 'exempts you under the freewoman, then you will be of the freewoman.”

1 Corinthians 7:17-24

Most people would read right over the top of this, if they didnt bother to search the Greek out on this passage. Paul (Saul) here is showing us something, that the Christian churches have totally twisted around. Watch this;

Paul is both speaking spiritual, and physical in the same sentence. If a man is 'called being circumcised, let him not break the law (rendering circumcision as uncircumcision).' And if a man is uncircumcised in his flesh, let him not be circumcised in his flesh. Keep watching;

Are you called as a slave? Care not for it (meaning, dont keep the slave mentality, or concern yourself with the matters of a slave, unless it leads you to exemption); he that is 'exempt,' is Messiahs Servant.

1 Pe 2:13-16

We are not to use our 'exemption (tax exemption) as a covering to do evil;' 99% of the Christian pastors are doing this; This is why they file the 'church under a 501(c)3 tax exemption status, which is a 'covering' of the churches profits, so the profits can be used for whatever the pastor or council sees fit.

But you will notice that 'they themselves are still servants to taxation?' They have no problem paying taxes on their 'minuscule income,' but dont touch what the church is producing, because they use that.

In fact, I was looking up something yesterday, and saw something I never saw before;

Ex 34:23-25

The Hebrew word for 'leaven' is chametz, and not only means 'leavening,' but is also the Hebrew word for 'Extortion.'

Extortion: the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority, BLACKMAIL, bribery, oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest.

So 'begging people for great amounts of money or they will go to hell' is extortion, also called leaven. Telling people that they better 'pay up, or go to hell' is extortion. What you do with the tithes and offerings is between you and Yahweh. Its not any mans say. Yahweh said to pay it where His Name is. Giving it to a church that preached 'god, lord, jesus, etc.' is NOT His House (Bethel). It is the house of leaven (Mal 3:10-12).

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