Resurrection Explained
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For the past 1,600 years, it has been taught that, 'as long as man is in this body, he is a sinner.'
Im going to show you, that this is completely the opposite of scripture.

Romans 6:12-23

Paul is pretty clear right here that you have 'power over your own body, to prevent it from sinning.' Now, does that mean you also have the power to 'prevent it from dying?'

1 John 3:8-10

I want to show you something here, that Satan has kept us blind to. In the Greek, two words are used, 'planeroo,' and 'luo,' which means 'to shew himself we could destroy.' Let me read the Greek of verse 9 to you;

“Committing sin is of the devil; in that the devil sinned from the beginning. For that the Huios of Elohim showed Himself, that we could destroy the works of the Devil.”

Hello? He was our example to follow. Yahshua proved it, that the law could be obeyed, it could be followed, sin could be stopped, and the works of the devil could be brought to an end. The works of the Devil is death!

Genesis 3:4

Who does Eve represent?
Eve = The mother of all living in the flesh.
Eve is symbolically the Bride, or the Jezebel church in the earth today. Watch this;

3:13, 16

Let me read the Hebrew of Verse 16;

“....great shall be the increase of sorrow in conception; in sorrow beget sons; your desire will be a husband to rule you.”

Hello? The church that is in the earth today does not have a husband, they desire one, but He wont marry them. Why? Because they are not destroying the works of the Devil from their lives.

2 Timothy 1:8-10

Through what? He brought it to light through the Gospel (good news) that we CAN stop sinning, we can destroy the devils works in our lives, and we can conquer death, because He did. Pay attention;

He hath 'abolished' death;

Abolished = katargeo, 'rendered useless.'

When we were expelled from the garden (all mankind was there, we were in the loins of Adam), death was a necessity to enter back into the Garden. We had to die a physical death (Ecc 12:7) to enter back in. Since Yahshua has appeared, and showed us 'we have the power to lay our lives down, and take them again,' and showed us how to be obedient to the law (through the Spirit), Death is no more a requirement. It is no more of any necessity. It has been rendered 'useless.'

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