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Mount Transformation
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Mount of Transformation

Mark 9:1-9

There is a new phase (a power move) that is coming to the earth, that will shock the whole world.

After 6 days (entering the Shabbat – 1,000 year reign of Yahshua Messiah).

Transfigured – metamorphosis, He went up as “The Son of man,” and descended as the “Son of Elohim.” Most cannot understand the “difference in ministries.”

The Church today is missing the points of “transformation.” Yahshua was a “Son of man,” Mashiyach was the Son of Yahweh.

Both Sons died, and rose from the dead.

The Son of Adam died to bring closure to the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Son of Yahweh died, to open the door to the Kingdom of Yahweh.

Transformed = Messiah formed in you.
Transfigured = You become a messiah figure.

John 15:15-17

Those He chose, He ordained to bring forth fruit.

Those that are called, are invited to partake of those fruits.

We are to seek to glorify The Son of Yahweh, which is why we are chosen.
The called only seek to glorify the “Son of man.”

Following the Son of man leads to death. But the Son of Yahweh leads to EL (Eternal Life).

John 10:1-9

Messiah is the Door, NOT the “Son of man.” It is through the Son of Yahweh that we can “go in and out of the Pasture.”


The Son of man will lead you through the door to the Kingdom of Heaven. But to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh, you must deny (forsake, reject) your own life also to enter it. Only the “Son of Yahweh” can lead you through it.

You must learn how to shut down the sarx, to get into the KOY (Kingdom of Yahweh). As you shut down each individual item (thoughts, opinion, will, emotion, etc.) the more of the Spirit will open up to you.

Once the Sarx is shut down, you become a “Pneumatikos Entity,” or a “spiritual person.”
Exodus 18:8-26

Moses alone fought Pharaoh over the taxation issue, nobody would stand on his behalf but Yahweh.

All that sat under Dads ministry, will experience the same tribulation, as he had. They will partake of his ministry.

When Yahshua Messiah is fully formed in us, we will have direct access to the Throne at anytime.

John 3:28-36

A “newly wed” boasts of their spouse, they do not truly love their spouse if they dont boast about them to everyone they contact. We should be the same way with the Circumcised Son of Yahweh.

Matt 16:18-19

Every time Lightning and Thunder comes, Yahweh speaks (Exodus 20:18). He is ALWAYS speaking in the Thunder and Lightning. The majority of people refuse to hear Him speak.

Most churches are not raising for the 'fatherhood principle.' We are to raise the people to be “fathers,” so they can go out and “father,” and 'father correctly.'

The churches today are “holding back the children,” making themselves the 'head of the foundation,' and not “The Son of Yahweh.”

John 6:29-66

Eating His flesh, and drinking His blood is “Circumcision.” The Son of man (Adam) can only circumcise your flesh. The Son of Yahweh Circumcises your Spirit.

Yahshua “as” the Son of man was only a prophet/minister/Teacher. But when He “transfigured to Son of Yahweh (Luke 9:28-36)” became the Mashiyach/High Priest that could enter in before Yahweh within the veil. That is where He leads.

When Yahshua began to make the 'transition' His own disciples began fleeing, and 'severing Him from their company.'


If Yahweh manifests Himself as The Father, you can look upon Him and live. But if He appears to you as “Elohim,” you will die. Because He manifests as “Elohim” for Supreme Judgment.

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