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Ba'alim Of Arnon

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Numbers 21:24-31

Ba'al Bamah = Possessors of the high places.

Ba'al is a Phoenician deity that was worshiped by the Canaanites. Today we have a group of people on the rise trying to claim that the Hebrews spoke Phoenician before they switched to Hebrew, however, this is a lie. They are combining Islam and Hebrew into one.

For one, the word “Arnon” which means “a brawling stream.”

In Enoch, the rebel angels that rejected Yahwehs authority met on the mount Arnon, to make an oath to marry the daughters of Adam. Why?

Judges 2:8-23

This is happening in America today. If we look at all of the similarities of these religions, they all have one thing in common; Ba'al worship.

If we look at the Ancient Sumerian texts, all the way down to modern texts, they all worshiped these “Ba'als.” They even describe these “watchers (Enoch)” as “descending down upon the mount, and teaching men wisdom, enlightenment, etc.” All of these Ba'als took wives of men, which were then worshiped as “goddesses.” In one Gnostic text, it describes a Ba'al by the name of Iesu, marrying a woman “Miriam Magdala.” This has come to be known as the 'Book/epistle of Mary Magdalene.' Researchers have dated this writing to the time/era of Paul, which no person by that name ever existed. Iesu then became known as “Iesus/Jesus.”

Here is the funny part. Iesu isnt from Hebrew, its derived from Aramaic/Chaldean/Babylonian, which is from where the Gauls descended. Listen to this:

In addition, the Druids had long believed in the coming of a great one- named Iesu.

The Vatican in 400ad fully adopted Druidry, and mingled it with church doctrine. In Fact “Iesous” is the Latin form of “Iesu.” English only added the J.

1 Kings 16:30-33

Now watch this;

1 Kings 18:17-40

Now why are we told that two figures of 'EliYah' will reappear again at the last days? For this same reason, to destroy Ba'al worship.

Rev 11:3-13

The main purpose and mission of these two is to rid Ba'al worship from out of the land. They will perform the same thing that Elijah did, they will stop the rain, and destroy the altars.
I want to show you this. Elijah gathered them to the place called “Karmel.” Karmel means “plentiful.” It will be a mega church in the last days, known as “Babel.”

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