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  • Wheat and Tares 1
    Wheat and Tares 1 Matthew 13:24-30 1a. Notice the tares are sowed at night (dreams). The majority of ministers in the earth preach based on dreams that they have had, when they dont properly know/understand how to interpret a dream. 1b. It is a Reapers job to separate the tares from the wheat. The Apostles are the Reapers. It is our job to cut off, separate the tares from the wheat. Tare - zizanion = a false grain, or darnel. Tare actually is called a "bastard wheat," it looks like, smells like, and sounds like wheat, but to the trained eye and ear, you can discern the differences. 13:36-43 The Greek says the sower of the "good seed" is the Huios Anthropos, which means a "fully mature/perfect man." So the Huios' sow the good seed/wheat, Then the devil comes and sows the tares/bastard wheat. Let me show you the differences. Wheat grows best in dry climates (not watered down). It needs good rich soil (soil that has been beaten, trodden, etc.) to ensure high yields. The most productive crops are grown on the well-drained, deep, rich soils where summer temperatures are highest (purging) and rainfall is low. "Preparing the land Farmers plough their land to prepare a seed bed for their crops. Ploughing turns over the weeds and debris from the previous crop. These rot underground providing nutrients for the next crop. Sowing The seeds have to be sown at the correct depth in the soil and immediately covered. 95% of wheat is sown in the autumn. Other cereal crops, such as barley, may also be sown in the spring. The plants grow slowly during the winter € they look like a field of grass. The growing season The plants grow rapidly in Spring. The plants need sunlight, warmth and water to grow well, and fertilisers are also used. Fertilisers are substances added to the soil to increase the yield of the crop. They work by providing one or more of the essential ingredients that plants need for growth: nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K). Farmers may use organic fertilisers (e.g. manure, waste crops) or inorganic products (e.g. ammonium nitrate). Each wheat plant shoot produces a stem, which grows to about 60cm. The seed head, or 'ear', emerges from the top of the stem in early June. Each ear of wheat has about 40 grains. Disease, weed and pest control continues throughout the growing season. Wheat plants can suffer diseases which affect their leaves, stems or ears. Farmers use fungicides to control disease caused by fungi, herbicides to keep down weeds, and insecticides to control insect pests. At the same time, farmers need to strike a balance between getting a good crop and protecting the environment. Harvesting The wheat ripens, and the nutrients from the plant are transferred to the grain in the ear. These grains would form the new wheat plants. The grain is harvested between mid-July and September. Combine harvester machines cut down the wheat and separate the grain from the stalks. The machine also cleans the grain using a number of sieves. The straw and the remains of the ear are either chopped and left in the field to provide nutrients for the next crop or left unchopped to be baled for straw. Straw is used to provide winter bedding for livestock and can also be a low value animal feed. Storage and marketing After harvest, the grain is kept in special stores that are free from pests and risks of contamination. Grain storage has to follow strict guidelines in order to keep its quality. Psalm 1:1-6 This was a principle that Israel understood, they understood the principles of Torah (strict guidelines for the wheat), and Jacob rejected. Jacob is constantly rejecting the "strict guidelines." In a conversation with a guy yesterday, he flat out rejected the Law, claiming "he was righteous, so he didnt need the law, as the law was written for the unrighteous, since scripture says he is the righteousness of god in christ." This is a tare, a "bastard wheat," not understanding what they are reading, but trying to "pass themselves off as wheat." Notice the "bastard wheat" is likened to chaff. Chaff - mots = during the threshing process, they "let loose," become wild, from mwts, become extortioners. Psalm 35:1-10 Angel - Malak = messenger, a shepherd, or pastor, (G) Aggelos, meaning the same.
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  • Predestination of the Melek Tsedeq 1
    Predestination of the Melek Tsedeq 1 I laid down a few nights ago, and immediately this information just started pouring in. I wrestled with it for awhile, trying to make sense of what I was hearing, and around 5am, it all clicked. Genesis 14:18-20 The first time Melek Tsedeq appears is in Genesis 14. Rabbinical Jews have taught for years that this was Shem. But this is a contradiction of scripture. Hebrews 7:1-10 Melek Tsedeq was without descent (meaning there was no lineage before him), without parents, made like unto the Son of Elohim. There is ONLY one person in scripture that fits this description, and that is Adam. When He told me this, it took me awhile to chew on it. We were told “Adam died.” But what we were not told, is that Adam was given a promise of “resurrection.” Genesis 3:19 This was a covenant made with Adam, that as he was taken from the dust, he would again return to dust. Flesh is made up of dust. Adam was “made like unto the Son.” Psalm 110:4-7 Yahweh made a covenant with David that out of his loins would come one “after the order of Melek Tsedeq.” Romans 5:12-14 Adam was the “figure of Him that was to come.” Figure – tupos, a model for imitation. Psalm 110:4 says “after the order....” Order – dibrah, estate, or style. Yahshua was to come in the 'estate' of Melek Tsedeq, which Paul also states 'He was to come in the estate of Adam.' Now, as I said, I wrestled with this for most of the night, because something just wasnt fitting. If Adam transgressed, how could he be the Melek Tsedeq? Then Paul says this; 1 Tim 2:11-14 Adam was not in the transgression, but Eve was. I know, right? That shook me for a moment, then Yahweh showed me this. Romans 8:18-25 Adam did not “transgress” in the way which we were always taught. Did he break Yahwehs covenant? Yes, but only because of “hope.” Read verse 20 again; “For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected in hope....” Adam submitted to Eve in “hope,” that his offspring would not be lost. Creature = creation. This not only PROVES that Yahshua is not a 'god,' but shows Yahshua as being “created,” in the 'estate' of Adam 'the Melek Tsedeq.' Paul (or whoever wrote Pauls letters) equates Yahshua with Adam throughout his letters.
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  • Wrath of Yahweh - Wrath of Yahweh 03
    Wrath of Yahweh - Wrath of Yahweh 03 Part 3 of 7 10:04 minutes.
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  • Wrath of Yahweh - Wrath of Yahweh 02
    Wrath of Yahweh - Wrath of Yahweh 02 Part 2 of 7 10:04 minutes.
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  • Wrath of Yahweh - Wrath of Yahweh 01
    Wrath of Yahweh - Wrath of Yahweh 01 Part 1 of 7 10:04 minutes each.
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  • Necromancy The Abomination - CM2 02
    Necromancy The Abomination - CM2 02 Find out why 'our prayers dont get answered,' and why the 'christian world' has been lied to, and has been taught to reject 'Yahweh, the Elohim of Israel.'
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  • Necromancy The Abomination - CM2 01
    Necromancy The Abomination - CM2 01 Learn why the population is searching after angels, etc. in the last days.
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  • Witchcraft
    Witchcraft Given by Bob McGinnis 10/4/06. The churches are full of Jezebels children, blood drinkers, witches, warlocks, Masons, etc.
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  • The Freewoman
    The Freewoman The Freewoman I was reading through one of Dads messages yesterday, and stumbled on something, I dont think he grasped, or caught. He made mention of the Freewoman being 'unrestrained, and a citizen,' but I dont think he really delved into what it meant. Let me show you; Gal 4:1-11, 19-31 Two words I want to show you here; Stoicheion (elements); to march in a military rank, or to keep step with the Kosmos, to conform to the ways of the Kosmos. Kosmos – to be provided for according to an orderly fashion. In other words, if the Jones buys a jet, we must have a jet. If the Jones believe Christianity, we must believe christianity. Are you following the pattern? Whatever is the 'Societal Norm,' that is what 'Nepios' will conform to.' The second word is; Eleutheros (freewoman); unrestrained, a citizen, exempt (from obligation and liability). We who are children of the freewoman, are not 'liable for taxes, social security, nor are we under any obligation to pay it, since we are not 'slaves' of the system, but are citizens. Matthew 17:24-26 Yahshua uses this word 'eleutheros' right here in the same context. Those of the 'freewoman, they are citizens, they are not liable, or obligated to pay taxes.' Are you hearing me? Because we are of the freewoman, and not of the 'strangers,' we are not obligated to pay taxes. John 8:31-37 Yahshua again states; “If the Son (Huios) 'exempts you under the freewoman, then you will be of the freewoman.” 1 Corinthians 7:17-24 Most people would read right over the top of this, if they didnt bother to search the Greek out on this passage. Paul (Saul) here is showing us something, that the Christian churches have totally twisted around. Watch this; Paul is both speaking spiritual, and physical in the same sentence. If a man is 'called being circumcised, let him not break the law (rendering circumcision as uncircumcision).' And if a man is uncircumcised in his flesh, let him not be circumcised in his flesh. Keep watching; Are you called as a slave? Care not for it (meaning, dont keep the slave mentality, or concern yourself with the matters of a slave, unless it leads you to exemption); he that is 'exempt,' is Messiahs Servant. 1 Pe 2:13-16 We are not to use our 'exemption (tax exemption) as a covering to do evil;' 99% of the Christian pastors are doing this; This is why they file the 'church under a 501(c)3 tax exemption status, which is a 'covering' of the churches profits, so the profits can be used for whatever the pastor or council sees fit. But you will notice that 'they themselves are still servants to taxation?' They have no problem paying taxes on their 'minuscule income,' but dont touch what the church is producing, because they use that. In fact, I was looking up something yesterday, and saw something I never saw before; Ex 34:23-25 The Hebrew word for 'leaven' is chametz, and not only means 'leavening,' but is also the Hebrew word for 'Extortion.' Extortion: the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority, BLACKMAIL, bribery, oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest. So 'begging people for great amounts of money or they will go to hell' is extortion, also called leaven. Telling people that they better 'pay up, or go to hell' is extortion. What you do with the tithes and offerings is between you and Yahweh. Its not any mans say. Yahweh said to pay it where His Name is. Giving it to a church that preached 'god, lord, jesus, etc.' is NOT His House (Bethel). It is the house of leaven (Mal 3:10-12).
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  • Resurrection Explained
    Resurrection Explained For the past 1,600 years, it has been taught that, 'as long as man is in this body, he is a sinner.' Im going to show you, that this is completely the opposite of scripture. Romans 6:12-23 Paul is pretty clear right here that you have 'power over your own body, to prevent it from sinning.' Now, does that mean you also have the power to 'prevent it from dying?' 1 John 3:8-10 I want to show you something here, that Satan has kept us blind to. In the Greek, two words are used, 'planeroo,' and 'luo,' which means 'to shew himself we could destroy.' Let me read the Greek of verse 9 to you; “Committing sin is of the devil; in that the devil sinned from the beginning. For that the Huios of Elohim showed Himself, that we could destroy the works of the Devil.” Hello? He was our example to follow. Yahshua proved it, that the law could be obeyed, it could be followed, sin could be stopped, and the works of the devil could be brought to an end. The works of the Devil is death! Genesis 3:4 Who does Eve represent? Eve = The mother of all living in the flesh. Eve is symbolically the Bride, or the Jezebel church in the earth today. Watch this; 3:13, 16 Let me read the Hebrew of Verse 16; “....great shall be the increase of sorrow in conception; in sorrow beget sons; your desire will be a husband to rule you.” Hello? The church that is in the earth today does not have a husband, they desire one, but He wont marry them. Why? Because they are not destroying the works of the Devil from their lives. 2 Timothy 1:8-10 Through what? He brought it to light through the Gospel (good news) that we CAN stop sinning, we can destroy the devils works in our lives, and we can conquer death, because He did. Pay attention; He hath 'abolished' death; Abolished = katargeo, 'rendered useless.' When we were expelled from the garden (all mankind was there, we were in the loins of Adam), death was a necessity to enter back into the Garden. We had to die a physical death (Ecc 12:7) to enter back in. Since Yahshua has appeared, and showed us 'we have the power to lay our lives down, and take them again,' and showed us how to be obedient to the law (through the Spirit), Death is no more a requirement. It is no more of any necessity. It has been rendered 'useless.'
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