Love by Rex Razor
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LOVE (Written & Performed by Rex Razor)

Guess who's back; Rex Razor 'n guess what..2blaze on tha beat!

I’ve got you
You’ve got me
See together we’re unbreakable
Come hold my hand, I’ve got your back
No matter what, we’ll make it through.
Times are hard
Do you realize?
Evil and hate have materialized
Momma cry, she just lost her own
Wonder why the old now bury the young
Instead of love all we do is hate
Instead of hugging all we do is fight (2x)
It’s Rex Razor
It’s getting major
they don’t care about us, thought I told ya
coming up with lies before you realize
they'll be laughing at us, well i told ya
My people getting killed everyday
Them leaders on the TV talking yeah every day
Our children getting killed everyday
Them leaders on the TV talking yeah every day
Ah! Ah! Ah!
What about Syria, Palestine and Nigeria
A! Ah! Ah!
What about Korea, Haiti and Liberia ( come hold my hand)
In these times
We should stand as one not to break apart
In these times
We should be together
Let love lead the way. (2x)
Where there is no God there is no love
Where there is no love there is no God
We need peace, we need love, we need the fullness of joy…Jehovah.
Innocent children caught up in unjust wars
Women and children getting slaughtered.
The souls of men being fed to hell
Rex Razor
Nobody listens

Licence : All Rights Reserved