When it concerns real estate or lending, we help individuals, business owners and real estate investors reduce their legal exposure so that they can focus on their business, their investment portfolio and their life in general, without the fear and risks of financial and legal entanglements or the needless expense of a lawsuit.

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    Real Estate Contract - Proven Resource A contract which surrounds a real estate property and contains several obligations and rights of both the parties, the buyer and the seller, in a lawful manner, is known as a real estate agreement or contract. If you are from Michigan, then you have to go through some other documents too. Call David Soble at 888-789-1715 or visit our website https://www.provenresource.com
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    SOBLE LAW - LEGAL ISSUES WE HANDLE! We Reduce Legal Exposure and Financial Risks. As a previous "Big Bank" lawyer and insider, David can give you a guide to effectively resolve your successful or money related issues inside an hour of a first gathering with him. Set an appointment here: www.provenresource.com
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