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  • Na_Ja_Na_Ja_Audio_Praveens
    Na_Ja_Na_Ja_Audio_Praveens After long long time am Uploading some thing..I hope you will like this song in my voice.. Song: Na Ja Na Ja Movie: Pathar Ke Phool(1991) Music Director: Ram Laxman Lyricist: Dev Kohli Original Singer: SPB
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  • Haavina_Dwesha_HannerDu_Audio_Praveen
    Haavina_Dwesha_HannerDu_Audio_Praveen Coming back with the song that showcase Hero in angry mood!!!This is from superhit Kannada Movie which was also remade in Hindi "Zahreela Insaan" the version of this song is also made in Hindi as well. But Hindi didn't find much success as much Kannada film found. I hope you will like my efforts here Song: Haavina Dwesha HannarDu Varusha Movie: Nagarahaavu Music Director: Lyrics Writer: Original Singer: SPB English translation taken from Internet: havina dwesha hanneraDu varusha (2) nanna rOsha nooru varusha (2) havina dwesha hanneraDu varusha ------------ a snake's revenge lasts for twelve years (2) My anger lasts for a hundred years (2) a snake's revenge lasts for twelve years ------------ 1) ee anjada edeyali nanje illa bagguava aaLalla tale taggisi baaLolla aa lankeya suTTa benki yaava kEDanu maaDilla aadare sEDanu biDalilla abhimanava biDanolle apamaanava sahisolle anyayava maaDolle ------------------ In this fearless heart, there is no hesitation Im not one who would bend I wont bend my head and live The flame that burnt Lanka, didn't hurt anyone but it didn't let go of its revenge I cant let go of my self ego I wont tolerate humiliation I wont do injustice ---------------------- CH 2) aa devaranendu doorodilla, nambike neegolla naa daari tappolla na iTTare shaapa koTTare vara neetiya meerolla na olidare kEDilla aakroshada uri naanu aavegada vasha naanu aa premake olidEnu -------------------- I will never blame God, never lose trust on him I will never walk on the wrong path If I put -that would be a curse, if I give - that will be a blessing : I wouldn't go against this moral If Im on your side, then there's nothing to worry Im the flame that is raging out of a fire Im succumbed to avenge I may yield to that love of yours --------------------- CH 3) aa raamanu iTTa baaNada guriyu endu tappilla endendu tappilla ee Ramachari-na keNako ganDu ellu huTTilla a ganDe huTTilla aa bheema-na baladavanu, chaNakyana chaladavanu ee durgada huli ivanu ---------------- the arrow of Rama has never missed its target till date, never missed its target The Man who messes with Ranmachari is not born till date That Man is not born till date The one who is as strong as Bheema, The one as quick as ChaNakya, Im the Tiger of this Durga (Chitradurga)
    praveeng 00:03:39 45 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • Aaj_Kal_Yaad_Kuch_Aur_Audio_Praveen
    Aaj_Kal_Yaad_Kuch_Aur_Audio_Praveen A tribute to Legend Singer Mohd. Aziz, who left for an heavenly abode in the month of November..I had earlier shared this song, but re-recorded it last week and sharing it once again..hope you will like my performance. Song: Aaj Kal Yaad Kuch Movie: Nagina (1986) Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
    praveeng 00:06:26 101 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Aajnajaane_Pagal_Audio_Praveen
    Aajnajaane_Pagal_Audio_Praveen After long gap I am coming with a fun filled and joyful song from none other than Kishore da's collection..I hope you will like my efforts here... Song: Aaj Na Jaane Pagal Movie: Begunah (1957) Music Director: Shankar Jaikishan Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri
    praveeng 00:03:32 64 0 Downloads 12 Comments
  • Gudgudiya_Sedi_Audio_Praveen
    Gudgudiya_Sedi_Audio_Praveen A folk song from Kannada...Raghu Dixit(Folk singer) has composed and sung this song. The lyrics is taken from great poetry/Composer Santa Shishunala Sharif's collection. I hope you will like my efforts more information on Santa Shishunala Sharifa can be found here :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shishunala_Sharif Here is the English translation derived from Internet: gudu gudiya sedinodo smoke the hookah and see vodalolagina roga toredu idyado smoke out the disease inside you and feel good manasemba sanchiya bicchi open the small cloth bag called mind dinadinavu moha ambo bhangiya kocchi take out the hash called lust and crush it nenevemba chilumeya hacchi put it in a chillum called faith buddhiyenuvantha kendava mele nee mucchi light it up with buirning coal called intelligence gudu gudiya sedi nodo smoke the hookah and see BGM shuddagnana melaeri let the purity rise up with the smoke daridrya deha suttu, hogeyu haruvudu burning the rotten body, smoke will rise buddivantara yeledu attracting the knowledgeable who will show you the path Varasiddashishunaladhishana torvudu to the great Shishunaladheesha gudu gudiya sedinodo smoke the hookah and see vodalolagina roga toredu idyado smoke out the disease inside you and feel good gudu gudiya sedinodo smoke the hookah and see
    praveeng 00:03:53 69 0 Downloads 16 Comments
  • Bharat_Humko_Audio_Praveen
    Bharat_Humko_Audio_Praveen This was recorded for uploading during Independence day..but some how I missed the upload during that time..anyhow, today while going through the completed song list. I found this one and thought to upload..very short and sweet song composed by A.R. Rehman and sang by none other one more great legend Hariharan saab. I hope I could do some justice to this song... Song: Bharat Humko Jaan Se Movie: Roja (1992) Music Director: A.R.Rehman Lyrics: P.K.MISHRA Original Singer: Hariharan
    praveeng 00:03:04 97 0 Downloads 16 Comments
  • NannavaLu_NannavaLu_Audio_Praveen
    NannavaLu_NannavaLu_Audio_Praveen Coming back after short break...I will check all the songs one by one... This is a lovely romantic song from Kannada Movie from 90's era..again Hamsalekha..he such a melodious composer in Kannada film Industry. Sorry at this time I am unable to fetch English translation for this song..just relax and enjoy the tune and hope singing also...:) Hero is complimenting Heroines beauty in the song..Lyrics is very well written and I will try to translation the lyrics in my own English very soon.... Song: NannavaLu NannavaLu ( My lady love) Movie: Chinna (1994) Music Director: Hamsalekha Lyrics: Hamsalekha Original Singer: SPB
    praveeng 00:04:51 62 0 Downloads 16 Comments
  • Mujhko_Dekhoge_Audio_Praveen
    Mujhko_Dekhoge_Audio_Praveen One of the most beautiful song from Suresh Wadkar's songs library!!I have been fan of his singing too but little scared to sing his songs as those are not easy to sing...I hope you will like my efforts...Relax and enjoy the song for next 5 minutes... Song: Mujhko Dekhoge Jahan Tak Movie: Ram Teri Ganga Maili Music Director:Ravindra Jain Lyricist: Ravindra Jain Original Singer: Suresh Wadkar
    praveeng 00:05:12 61 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • Ambaraveri_Suryanu_Bandano_Audio_Praveen
    Ambaraveri_Suryanu_Bandano_Audio_Praveen Coming back with one more melodious song from Kannada Langauge..this is once again combination on V. Ravinchandran (HERO,Producer/Director) and Hamsalekha (Melodious Composer)..I hope you will like my attempt. Song translation is uploaded for your convenience and its purely in non-poetic language.. Song: Ambaraveri Ambaraveri Movie: Rasika (1994) in Hindi RASIK Music Director: Hamsalekha Lyricist: Hamsalekha Original Singer: SPB Language: Kannada Song Translation ambarveri ambarveri suryanubandano Sun has arrived by climbing the sky thaLathaLathaLa, jaga thaLathaLa World is shining phaLaphaLa, Jaga phaLphaLa World is shining oooooooooooo,ooooooooooo BGM Bisiyayitu giriya maiyi, churukaitu giLiya kai Mountain has become warm, Parrot has become active yeLi mele yeLi, chilipili keLi, yenda ravi raiyanu Ravi(Sun) is waking us up and asking to listen the sound of bird maragiDada taleya varesi, himabidda nelava guDisi by wiping the tree and cleaning the snow from the earth ahaha holagedde, innu yenta nidde, yenda dinarayanu, But Day is still lazzy and is not ready to wakeup after seeing the greenery arround the field raviraya ninna manekaya biDuvendo ninage maharaya, Sun is busy all time and has no time for us dhaga dhaga, uriyuve, jhaga jhaga, beLaguve neenu barade dinavilla You will always glow like a fire and bright, there is no day without you. ambarveri ambarveri suryanubandano thaLathaLathaLa jaga thaLathaLa phaLaphaLa Jaga phaLphaLa ahaahahahananahahanana hohohohohoh BGM Cheluvera hinDinalli, horabaruva naguvinante A smile coming out from the gang of beautiful ladies kilakilakila, gusagusagusa,lalleleri hugaLu like a wishper and like a beautiful soft flowers munjaane neerinalli, muLugedda keNNamaiyili ninta neerinante, jaar muttinante nendaaDive kaNgaLu It seems that eyes have rolled out of cold water, early in the morning and it looks like a pearl in the sea heNNirada bhumi hangeke ooooo heNNirada swarga nangeke I can't imagine a heaven without beautiful girls rasikana, baaLige,cheluveye, hoLige, yendanobba maharasika A life of romantic person is incomplete if there is no sweetnes of beautiful lady ambarveri ambarveri suryanubandano thaLathaLathaLa jaga thaLathaLa phaLaphaLa Jaga phaLphaLa lalalalalalalalal ahhahahahahahah
    praveeng 00:04:25 64 0 Downloads 13 Comments
  • Mere_Sapno_Ki_Audio_Praveen
    Mere_Sapno_Ki_Audio_Praveen After getting inspired by Naqvi ji's recent rendition of this song..I couldn't stop myself from singing sharing this song..I hope you all will like my efforts here... Song: Mere Sapno ki Rani Movie: Aradhana (1969) Music Director: RD Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakshi Cover Singer: Praveen
    praveeng 00:05:00 63 0 Downloads 12 Comments
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