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  • Tumhe_Dil_Se_Chaha_Audio_Praveen
    Tumhe_Dil_Se_Chaha_Audio_Praveen its been 2 weeks I haven't uploaded any thing..its not like that I haven't any thing to upload..but I am not finding that much time to upload the songs during Tuesday evening. But today some how made up some time and uploading this song..hope you will like this 90's melody in my voice... Though Track is not that great!!! Song: Tumhe Dil Chaha Tha Humne Movie: Meera Ka Mohan (1992) Music Director: Arun Paudwal (Husband of Anuradha Paudwal) Lyricist: Indeevar Original Singer: Mohd. Aziz Cover Singer: Praveen G.Pandit
    praveeng 00:06:34 45 0 Downloads 12 Comments
  • Mere_Meheboob_Qayamat_Audio_Praveen
    Mere_Meheboob_Qayamat_Audio_Praveen Presenting a very lovely song from Kishore da's collection... This song has got some special element..and whenever I listen to this, I feel some one else is singing and not Kishore da..as he hasn't sung this song in his usual style and voice..thus I also tried to sing some what differently...I hope you will like my efforts. Song: Mere Meheboob Qayamat Hogi Movie: Mr. X in Bombay (1964) Music Director: Laxmikant-Pyarelal Lyricist: Anand Bakshi Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Cover Singer: Praveen
    praveeng 00:03:48 74 0 Downloads 17 Comments
  • Pyar_Deewana_Hota_Audio_Praveen
    Pyar_Deewana_Hota_Audio_Praveen Presenting romantic song from Kishore Da's collection..this so needs no introduction..I hope you will enjoy my efforts. Song: Pyar Deewana Hota Hai Movie: Kati Patang (1970) Music director: RD Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakshi Original Singer: Kishore Kumar
    praveeng 00:04:44 76 0 Downloads 9 Comments
  • Sundari_Sundari_Sura_Audio_Praveen
    Sundari_Sundari_Sura_Audio_Praveen Tribute to Living legend..SPB on his 71st Birthday..I thought this funny song would be a best possible song to dedicate it for him..This song is almost sung on nasal and it is a funny song sung for a funny character in movie. This movie is incidentally a remake of hindi movie Ghazab (1982). I have tried my best to do justice to this wonderful song..Also, I have tried my best to translate funny song to english lyrics :) Song: Sundari Sundari Sura Sundari Movie: Shree Ramachandra (1992) Music Director: Hamsalekha Lyricist: Hamsalekha Original Singer: SPB Hero is teasing his lady love: sundari sundari surasundari sundari O beautiful lady nan sundar moreya oc noduveya Can you look at my beautiful face? kinnari kinnari giiri kinnari kinnari O my musical instrument (Small musical instrument like shehnai) nanna premada gayana oc keLuveya Can you just listen wonderful love song? bantu bantu nangu bantu Its also coming for me tumba tumba aase bantu Very much greediness is coming aase hinde preeti bantu Love came as greediness preeti haaDu antu And that love asked me to sing BGM naane ninna kaaLidasa am your KaaLidas neene nanna huttibusa huttibusa gutunTu huttibusa allalla chaitramasa You are my season of spring naane ninna devadasa am your Devdas neene nanna prasa..prasa alla martehoitu..nnn allallalla mandahasa You are smile on my face maadhuri dixite sanna you are Lean like Madhuri Dixit saarika sunnada banna Your colour is fair like Sarika(Tamil Actress) khushabu ge holuva nalle You just look like Khushboo( Tamil Actress) nannane kunisuve yelle and you are making me dance BGM doni doni nanna doni You are my boat hachikure teeravaani if I pinch you that you will make noise naanu doni nannolage neenu raani Am the boat and you are queen sitting inside me rani rani naagraani busshu... O queen queen snakequeen" busshu"(the sound which is created by snake) veni veni naagveni o NaagveNi (common name kept for Girl) pungi nodu aaduva bhangi needu You are Pungi( Instrument played infront of snake) and look at your attitude lavani valagide langa, Skirt like cloth is there inside your gown langada melide chiTTe hahaha on which butterfly is sitting chitteya hididaru batte, If I go to catch that butterfly the I end up catching your skirt battege manasu kotte I fell in love with your cloth BGM muTTu andre muTTutini,muttu andre vattutini If you ask to touch I will touch, if you ask to kiss, I will mildly press your hand beDa andre huballe muttutini If you say no, then I will touch you through my eyerbow beku andre ninna munde,beda andru ninna hinde I will say yes infront of you, and I will say no behind you suttutini girigitte haakuttini Will just roam around you suryanu yedurige bandre If sun come in front ninnaya neralali naanu I will be in your shadow suryanu nettige bandre, neraLina vallagade neenu If sun comes over the top then I will be underneath you
    praveeng 00:04:48 50 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • Deewana_Leke_Aaya_Audio_Praveen
    Deewana_Leke_Aaya_Audio_Praveen One of the top most song from Kishore da's song collection..this song doesn't need any introduction..I hope you will like my efforts here. Song: Deewana Leke Aaya Hai Movie: Mera Jeevan Saathi (1972) Music Director: R D Burman Lyrics Writer: Majrooh Sultanpuri Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Cover Singer: Praveen
    praveeng 00:04:34 60 0 Downloads 15 Comments
  • Aadmi_Zindagi_Audio_Praveen
    Aadmi_Zindagi_Audio_Praveen One of the my most favorite song collection from Mohd. Aziz sahab's song library!!nicely composed by Viju-Shah..I hope you will like my efforts here..thanks in advance. Song: Aadmi Zindagi Aur Movie: Vishwatma (1992) Music Director: Viju-Shah Lyrics Writer: Anand Bakshi Original Singer: Mohd. Aziz Cover Singer: Praveen
    praveeng 00:04:45 67 0 Downloads 14 Comments
  • Ammayya_Ammayya_Audio_Praveen
    Ammayya_Ammayya_Audio_Praveen Once again coming back with Kannada song..this time tried to translate the lyrics..hope it will help you to understand what I am singing :)..this song is based on Mother love and I am dedicating this song to my Mother and all the Mothers in this world :) Song: Ammayya Ammayya Baare Movie: ANNayya (1993) Music Director: Hamsalekha Lryics Writer: Hamsalekha Original Singer: SPB Lyrics Translation: Ammaa oorene andaru nee nanna devaru O Mother Let the village tell any thing, but you are my God!! Ammayya Ammayya baare, akkare sakkare thaare O mother come on, give some love and sweetness MakkaLa baayige, makkaLa baaLige to childrens life Hoovigu, haNNigu bhoomi devaru The Earth is god for Flowers and Fruits Novigu nalivigu thaayi devaru... For pain and happy, mother is the only god BGM Ee jagave, taayige toTTilu, naavella makkaLo This world is cradle for mother and we are children for her Aa suraru, taayige daasaru, maatige tapparo Those devils are servents to mother and they never their promise Sathyake saakshi, suLLige shoola thaayaaNe, thaayaaNe Truth has got proof and lie has always go defeated and I swear Ammaa oorene andaru, nee nanna devaru O Mother Let the village tell any thing, but you are my God!! Jagake mukkoTi, devaru nee nanna devaru... This world has got 3 crores gods, but you are my only God!! Maanakoo doDDadu maNNinaa ruNa Debt made of soil is more valueable than our own prestige PraaNakoo doDDadu, thaayiyaa ruNa... Mother's love is bigger than our own life BGM Oo janani jeevake moola nee, tyaagake kaLasha nee O mother you are the source of life and you are idol for sacrifice Oo janani, yellaku modalu nee, premake kaDalu nee O mother you comes before everything, you are the sea of Love Maanake roopa, manasige deepa, ninna mukha ninna mukha Your face is the shape of soul and light of heart Ammaa yaarene andaru, nee nanna devaru O mother I don't care whatever other say, but you are my God!!! Jagake mukkoti devaru, nee nanna devaru... This world has got 3 crores gods, but you are my only God!! Daanaku doDDadu annadaa ruNa Distributing food is much more good than donating Dhyaanaku doDDadu, ammanaa ruNa We are in more debt of mother's love than any thing else.
    praveeng 00:05:08 40 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Chaitrada_Premanjaliya_Suma_Ghama_Audio_Praveen
    Chaitrada_Premanjaliya_Suma_Ghama_Audio_Praveen Coming back after some gap... This time upload some romantic number from Kannada Movie. This is the tribute to our beloved Anand ji..I wanted to dedicate some serious song but I could record any new song as of now..hence uploading this number.. I hope you all will like my efforts here. Here is the Hero is praising his lady love with all the beautiful things. Song: Chaitrada Premanjaliya Suma Movie: Chaitrada Premanjali (1992) Lyrics: Hamsalekha Music Director: Hamsalekha Original Singer: SPB
    praveeng 00:04:30 61 0 Downloads 19 Comments
  • Koi_Aur_Duniya_Audio_Praveen
    Koi_Aur_Duniya_Audio_Praveen Came across this rare song recently..I have tried my best to do some justice..due to noise cancellation some words may sound weird..especially "haSeen" in starting line, please ignore it..I hope you will like my efforts here. My last upload was 100th upload, which I didn't notice..so at last I also completed century in this forum..thanks to all my lovely friend over here... Song: Koi Aur Duniya Mein Movie: Pyar ki Kahaani(1971) Music Director: RD Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakshi Original Singer: Mohd. Rafi
    praveeng 00:04:10 82 0 Downloads 21 Comments
  • Aaj_Se_Teri_Saari_Audio_Praveen
    Aaj_Se_Teri_Saari_Audio_Praveen A very romantic song from recent movie..attempted new song after quite some time..I hope you all will like my efforts here.. Song: Aaj Se Teri Movie: PadMan (2018) Music Director: Amit Trivedi Lyricist: Kausar Munir Original Singer: Arijit Singh
    praveeng 00:05:10 75 0 Downloads 21 Comments
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