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  • 06-Chiragh_Dil_Ka_Audio_Praveen
    06-Chiragh_Dil_Ka_Audio_Praveen Coming back with rare song from Rafi saab song collection..I hope you will like my efforts. Song: Chiragh Dil ka Jalaao Movie: Chiragh (1969) Music Director: Madan Mohan Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Original Singer: Mohd. Rafi
    praveeng 00:04:18 43 0 Downloads 9 Comments
  • 01-Insaaf_Ki_Dagar_Audio_Praveen
    01-Insaaf_Ki_Dagar_Audio_Praveen Coming back with some serious song..I hope you will like my efforts. Song: Insaaf Ki Dagar Pe Movie: Ganga Jumna (1965) Music Director: Naushad Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni Original Singer: Hemant Kumar
    praveeng 00:03:34 46 0 Downloads 16 Comments
  • 05-Achyutam_Keshavam_Audio_Praveen
    05-Achyutam_Keshavam_Audio_Praveen A bhajan this time..nothing much to write about..sang the bhajan after long time...I hope you will like my attempt. Achyutam means Eternal. God’s qualities are described as Eternal, Blissful, Infinite. It is formless and also with forms. One of the forms of Lord Krishna is described as Keshavam, One with long beautiful hair. Song: Achyutam Keshavam Meera Bhajan
    praveeng 00:05:49 49 0 Downloads 15 Comments
  • 07-Moh_Moh_Audio_Praveen
    07-Moh_Moh_Audio_Praveen One of the recent song which caught my attention..what a melodious composition by Anu Malik..loved recording this song..I hope you will like my rendition. This is my second song from the same movie..earlier I had sung Tu...originally sung by Kumar Sanu Song: Moh Moh Dhaage Movie: Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015) Music Director: Anu Malik Lyricist: Varun Grover Original Singer: :Papon (Angarag Mahanta)
    praveeng 00:05:25 73 0 Downloads 15 Comments
  • 04-Bramhananda_Omkara_Audio_Praveen
    04-Bramhananda_Omkara_Audio_Praveen Such a melodious song from Kannada movie. I fell in love it the composition and melody of this song since the day one of its release. Very meaningful lyrics and singing by Legend Dr.Rajkumar. I hope you will enjoy the song. Song: Om Bramhananda Omkara Movie: OM (1995) ( OM: Symbol of God) Music Director: Hamsalekha Lyricist: Hamsalekha Pulled the meaning of the song from Internet: OM:- The mantra which is the primordial sound of the universe The mantra that rejoices the soul The mantra which hums the Vedas The mantra which provides spiritual bliss. I welcome the Sun God to planet Earth to illuminate the temples of this planet Remove life's ego. Fill the temple of this soul with OM. BGM We are satisfied with a heart that smiles, we don't need daydreams. We want a home brimming with love instead of gold and silver. Fill our hearts with the wisdom that, our parents represent divinity and Our teachers can teach us the principles of various aspects of life. BGM Transform our minds into a mirror that always speaks the truth. Give us a temperament that will allow compassion and kindness to flow through us Bestow our lives with humility and the knowledge that the pain of another is our pain as well.
    praveeng 00:05:11 49 0 Downloads 13 Comments
  • 02-Banda_Parwar_Audio_Praveen
    02-Banda_Parwar_Audio_Praveen A very lovely and rare song from Rafi's collection..I hope you will like efforts. Song: Banda Parwar Main kahan Movie: Pocket Maar(1974) Music Director: Laxmikant-Pyarelal Lyricist: Anand Bakshi Original Singer: Mohd. Rafi
    praveeng 00:04:09 45 0 Downloads 18 Comments
  • Sariyagi_Nenapide_Nanage_Audio_Praveen
    Sariyagi_Nenapide_Nanage_Audio_Praveen Coming back with Latest Kannada song, I very rarely cover latest song either it be Hindi or Kannada..but this song attracted me very much, originally sung by Armaan Malik(Nephew of Anu Malik)..Song is just awesome. This is old mixing hence, there might be little harshness in K-track especially in whistle part, I hope you will like my efforts..thanks in advance. Song: Sariyaagi nenapide nanage Movie: Mungaru Male 2 (2016) Music Director: Arjun Janya Lyricist: Jayant Kaikini Original Singer: Armaan Malik I have put English translation, grabbed from Internet. Sariyagi nenapide nanage I, remember very well Idakella kaarana kirunageye The reason for this (Love) is smile. Manadaa prathi galliyolagu In all the paths of my heart Ninnade meravanige Is only your procession. Kanasinaa kulumege, Usiranuu oodutha I’m breathing the furnace of dreams Kidi haruvudu innu kachita There will be definitely sparks arising out of such furnace of dreams. Sariyagi nenapide nanage I, remember very well Idakella kaarana kirunageye The reason for this (Love) is smile. Kannalle ive yella kagadaa All the Letters are in my eyes only, Neene nannaya anche pettige And you are the post box for my letters. Yene kandaru neene jnapaka Whatever I see, it reminds me of you, Neene aushadi nanna hucchige And you’re the medicine for my madness. Teredu neenu muddada adhyaya You unlocked a new episode in my life, Sigade idre tumbane anyaaya And it’s not fair if you are not mine. Nannaya nade nudi ninnane bayasutha My behaviour directing towards getting you, Badalaaguvudu innu kachita Is going to change for sure. Sariyagi nenapide nanage I, remember very well Idakella kaarana kirunageye The reason for this (Love) is smile. Ninna nruthyake siddavagide For your dance, Antharangada rangasajjike My inner soul is ready to be the stage. Ninna nodada nanna jeevana Without seeing you, my life is, Suddi illada suddipathrike Newspaper without any news. Sere sikkaga bekilla jaaminu If I get caught I don’t need any bail. Sarasakkiga nindene kaanonu From now on it’s your rules for romance. Koreyuva nenapali irulanu kaleyuta I’m spending the night in your memories. Belegaaguvudu innu kachitha There will be dawn for this for sure.
    praveeng 00:04:22 37 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • Sun_Dilruba_Audio_Praveen
    Sun_Dilruba_Audio_Praveen Coming up with one more song from the same movie.. Pathar Ke Phool...Still doing some R&D with new setup, shall take some to come up with new songs..these all earlier recorded songs..I hope you all will like my efforts. Song: Sun Dilruba Movie: Pathar Ke Phool(1991) Music Director: Ram Laxman Lyricist: Ravinder Rawal Original singer: SPB Cover Singer: Praveen G.Pandit
    praveeng 00:06:05 68 0 Downloads 4 Comments
  • Na_Ja_Na_Ja_Audio_Praveens
    Na_Ja_Na_Ja_Audio_Praveens After long long time am Uploading some thing..I hope you will like this song in my voice.. Song: Na Ja Na Ja Movie: Pathar Ke Phool(1991) Music Director: Ram Laxman Lyricist: Dev Kohli Original Singer: SPB
    praveeng 00:06:07 62 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Haavina_Dwesha_HannerDu_Audio_Praveen
    Haavina_Dwesha_HannerDu_Audio_Praveen Coming back with the song that showcase Hero in angry mood!!!This is from superhit Kannada Movie which was also remade in Hindi "Zahreela Insaan" the version of this song is also made in Hindi as well. But Hindi didn't find much success as much Kannada film found. I hope you will like my efforts here Song: Haavina Dwesha HannarDu Varusha Movie: Nagarahaavu Music Director: Lyrics Writer: Original Singer: SPB English translation taken from Internet: havina dwesha hanneraDu varusha (2) nanna rOsha nooru varusha (2) havina dwesha hanneraDu varusha ------------ a snake's revenge lasts for twelve years (2) My anger lasts for a hundred years (2) a snake's revenge lasts for twelve years ------------ 1) ee anjada edeyali nanje illa bagguava aaLalla tale taggisi baaLolla aa lankeya suTTa benki yaava kEDanu maaDilla aadare sEDanu biDalilla abhimanava biDanolle apamaanava sahisolle anyayava maaDolle ------------------ In this fearless heart, there is no hesitation Im not one who would bend I wont bend my head and live The flame that burnt Lanka, didn't hurt anyone but it didn't let go of its revenge I cant let go of my self ego I wont tolerate humiliation I wont do injustice ---------------------- CH 2) aa devaranendu doorodilla, nambike neegolla naa daari tappolla na iTTare shaapa koTTare vara neetiya meerolla na olidare kEDilla aakroshada uri naanu aavegada vasha naanu aa premake olidEnu -------------------- I will never blame God, never lose trust on him I will never walk on the wrong path If I put -that would be a curse, if I give - that will be a blessing : I wouldn't go against this moral If Im on your side, then there's nothing to worry Im the flame that is raging out of a fire Im succumbed to avenge I may yield to that love of yours --------------------- CH 3) aa raamanu iTTa baaNada guriyu endu tappilla endendu tappilla ee Ramachari-na keNako ganDu ellu huTTilla a ganDe huTTilla aa bheema-na baladavanu, chaNakyana chaladavanu ee durgada huli ivanu ---------------- the arrow of Rama has never missed its target till date, never missed its target The Man who messes with Ranmachari is not born till date That Man is not born till date The one who is as strong as Bheema, The one as quick as ChaNakya, Im the Tiger of this Durga (Chitradurga)
    praveeng 00:03:39 53 0 Downloads 7 Comments
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