You Will Marry The Wrong Person [popularmusic |2016-07-20]
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Song based on this article/essay by Alain De Botton (and with his approval) :


You will marry the wrong person

You can’t freeze happiness
Oh the golden moments, they will be gone

See the first problem is that we don’t quite understand ourselves,
and if we can’t do that how will get others,
and moreover how will we choose our lovers

We’re all quite mad, and the normal ones are the ones
you don’t know very well

Maybe when we’re on our first date
don’t ask for my favourite bands,
ask me how i’m mad, mad like you

You will marry the wrong person

Single life is hard,
lonely Saturday nights,
and all the nights

So we do funny things to escape, like settling for something before
it's all too late. Groping in the dark, inventing sparks, inventing you.

Maybe your instincts are all wrong, and
who can predict if the feelings will go on

You won’t be the first to be charmed by a
heavenly song, moment, eyes, times, words, mood, face,
gone when time reveals all that is true

You will marry the wrong person

Are we seeking happiness, or just the familiar world we miss,
We’re just birds of the nest

The love we learnt as kids was darker than you think,
born out of a complex, indelible ink, there’s a good chance
you’ll reject the right one

No one tells you how it is, sends you off with love degrees
all we get are birds and bees

If you’re not taught to drive you’ll probably going to crash the car
and we’re taught nothing of love, taught nothing of love

And that's why you will marry the wrong person

Song written with Alex Brenchley (guitar) :

Licence : All Rights Reserved