The Jewel
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Songs from the Heart of a Seeker!
Thoughtful and Inspiring, diverse and illuminating, a blissful journey for the soul. Singer-songwriter Kimberly Haynes draws from various musical styles to create a beautiful mosaic of authentic and joyful stories.

“Kimberly paints musical portraits from a diverse palette of influences…Her expressive voice ranges from soft to soaring with thoughtful and inspiring lyrics that touch the heart and illuminate the spiritual quest. All in all, an uplifting listening experience.”
-Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus
Featuring performances by Multiple Grammy® nominee Peter Kater, Tina Malia, Byron Metcalf, Jesus Florido and Mastered by Grammy® winner Ricky Kej

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Twitter: kimhaynesmusic

© Kimberly Haynes

Om Mani Padme Hum , Om

You say there's just no time.
You say there's just no way
You’ve got a busy day, oh yeah you do
to waste it would be a crime

You gotta rise with the sun
put the car in drive
no time to go inside,
gonna make the morning migration

(I wonder if you know that time doesn't care) no time doesn't err
(I wonder if you know tomorrow’s illusion) yesterday’s gone
Ohhh, whoa… don’t let the moment slip by
thethe Jewel is Waiting Inside

So your are livin' the dream,
but every day is a scheme
(And there’s that ache in your soul)
oh, that ache that calls you back home

(you’ve gotta run very fast)
to stay ahead of the past
and for the future you’ve prayed
for all those tomorrows that fade

(I’m telling you Now is all that we have)
embrace all that you can
(I said there's more than all the stories, your mind)
is keeping' you from the shine
Ohhh, whoa… don’t let the moment slip by
the Jewel is Waiting Inside

The day is over and tomorrow gets ready to take her flight
but here in this moment, you can open your eyes to this sweet life

You say you’d like to find
a little piece of mind
You say you’d like to know
just who is running the show

(Would you be surprised to know its always been you)
there's no one else that'll do?
(Would you be surprised it’s in your heart that you'll find)
the peace that goes beyond time?
Ohhh, whoa… don’t let the moment slip by
no, no, don’t let it go
Ohhh, whoa… don’t let the moment slip by
the Jewel is Waiting Inside

Om Mani Padme Hum

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