Soul Clap featuring Crew Love Ex Smokers
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Soul Clap featuring Crew Love - Ex Smokers (The FSQ Suite)

Features songs from Soul Clap's self titled album and Crew Love's "True Story" compilation:

Unprotected Ex - Dirty Leslie - Smokers Delight - F#@K Sorrow - Future 4 Love - Shine This is It - Funk Bomb


Remix Production: FSQ (Funk Style Quality)

Additional Guitars and Synthesizers: One Era (Matt Coogan), GKoop (Rob Mandell)

Additional Drums and Drum Programming: One Era, OMAYGA (John OMAYGA Adams), GKoop

Strings: Shaina Evonuik, Benjamin Wright

Human Whistling: GKoop

In late 2015 FSQ got a first listen to the new Crew Love album "Based on a True Story" and we were already in love with two tracks from that - "Unprotected Ex" and "Smokers Delight".

We had the idea of getting with Bobby Eli, guitarist from Philadelphia International Records / Sigma Sound to do a real extended medley disco mix like Tom Moulton would do. Tom Moulton is the first producer to string together multiple songs on a LP in a non stop continuous disco mix - he first did this with Gloria Gaynor and then Grace Jones.

Bobby is a friend of Nona Hendryx, and she said he should be our go to do guitar on the mix. He worked with Tom Moulton a lot on that real Philly sound. Both FSQ's One Era and Chuck Da Fonk are from Philly and have a real love for the lush disco sounds, replete with full orchestral string sections.

One Era and Chuck put together a 9 minute backing track that mashed up "Unprotected Ex" and "Smokers Delight" to give to Bobby Eli. The work on this with Bobby didn't materialize, so we turned to FSQ's GKoop, to add strings to our extended mix.

So about the time we went to cut strings with GKoop, we started to get to listen to the upcoming, and now released Soul Clap self titled album. We thought to take the Tom Moulton mix idea a bit further into the eighties, when popular new wave artists would offer a not just a continuous LP mix, but a full 12" mix of a medley of songs.

Using new sampling technology, making medley mixes became easier in the nineteen eighties - you could cut up small snippets of your catalog, sample them and place them in with drum machines.

Hip Hop producer Steinski did this kind of work with Double Dee in a series of hip hop greatest hit medleys that were known as "The Lesson".

Even Duran Duran got in the action - their medley 12" was called "Decadance". Our favorite 12" medley is by Yello. The swiss electronic funk group turned in two 12" mixes compiling highlights from their catalog titled "The Metropolitan Mixdown I and II".

GKoop and Chuck Da Fonk went to work to make this mix into an 80s styled medley extended mix, assembling components of the new Soul Clap album into the Crew Love extended track they had started on.

First GKoop brought in Bay Area drummer and rapper OMAYGA to add some intricate disco styled drums to the track. OMAYGA last worked with FSQ on their remix for Navid Izadi's "Hard to Say".

Then over the new disco beat, GKoop laid into the tracks from the new Soul Clap album and did a lot of heavy lifting to figure out what could go where in our extended mix.

Together we added a lot of new bass work and transitions to come up with the layout for the track, which we now called "Ex Smokers (The FSQ Suite)" to reflect the original mash up of "Smokers Delight" and "Unprotected Ex".

Bay Area based Shaina Evoniuk, who leads the string section for the renowned Jazz Mafia, and New York based Benjamin Wright, who writes music for LouisCK TV program among other television work, finally got on the track. Shaina and Benjamin provided the disco strings that we were craving to tie segments of the megamix together.

After a year of production work, FSQ is proud to present to you the twelve minute and thirty second suite, "Ex Smokers" with Soul Clap featuring Crew Love. [The FSQ Suite ]

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