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i told myself these things a million times

brings back high school memories.

mix: @redshiftvocaloid

✻ Lyrics ✻ (Feel free to use!!!)

Heya, old future me,
10 years have gone by rather quickly.
Just what are you looking at right now?
Well, you see...

The flowers blooming all around look so beautiful
Counting down the weekdays until you and me will have to go
I can’t believe I won’t be seeing this anymore
Shrinking more and more till it seemed short, walking on this road I now adored

Spending everyday with you as if everything would stay the same
Looking back, just where did all my common sense go?

Turned the other cheek to these feelings in my heart
I don’t even know when or where it started
“No I can’t believe it” “gosh I feel so stupid!”
I’ve told myself these things a thousand times

Trying to pin the blame, finding someone to accuse
But I knew inside that these were all excuses
Putting a smile back on my face again
I told another white lie

It was another normal day when it started out
“We should make a time capsule we’ll open 10 years from now”

I wonder just what kinds of things he will leave behind
But I realised, looking back at that time
I kept to myself, these thoughts of mine

Passing by each other in the hallway gave me so much happiness
Staying silent; looking back, that’s what I regret

I’ve denied these feelings a hundred thousand times
Hidden deep inside of me, could I believe it?
“It’s all in your head, girl!” “I think I’m just tired”
In time, I fell in love with love itself

As my excuses piled up, I knew deep in my heart
I had found myself right back where I started
And at the end, the flowers we had on us
Were all my feelings for you

“Hey realise--” Yes I’ve realised, what I truly feel
But if they only turn into regrets left unsaid, I’ll tell
you here

On the day of the plan, I held two letters tightly in my hand
Walking the road down one last time
Flashing right before my eyes, my memories of me and you
That’s when I knew this confession wouldn’t be too hard to do

I redid these letters a hundred thousand times
Overflowing with these precious feelings of mine
“I’m so done with all this” “But I wanna write this!”
I told myself these things a million times

And so I’ll give these letters to dear old future me
Where I hope she’ll handle this thing more maturely
But here today, with petals in my eyes
I tell another lie and I smile

“So that in ten years in the future I, can say it to you just right” [English Cover ]

Licence : All Rights Reserved