Medsound & Le Flex - Summertime (Mark Lower Remix) | Media Blackout MBO054
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With our latest excursion on Media Blackout, we have a humdinger of a release, if there ever was one. Barcelona & London based Medsound and Le Flex both enigmatic multitalented artists, that have been regulars in many top artist playlists, constantly showcasing their huge originality and versatility without ever disappointing, teamed up for a one of a kind collaboration to bring us the wonder that is ‘Summertime'.

A modern tropical nu disco jam with all the right elements. The bouncy bass and great synth arrangements create a sexy, provocative atmosphere while Le Flex's vocals make words settle in truly magical fashion, creating a warm felt atmosphere that creates special memories every time you listen to it.

The sing-along anthem gets the remix treatment by none other than French NuDisco royalty ‘Mark Lower' and German virtuoso ‘Justin Faust' both famed for their body moving beats and immense production skills. The pair remix versions dive into more upbeat territory with lots of euphoric vibes. Their luscious use of the vocals, bass stabs and driving drums makes for an irresistible rhythm while the clever chords round off these fantastic interpretations. „Essential stuff oft the highest order!"

We aren't done just yet, to close out this masterpiece of a release we have two more reworks, from the exceptional talents of Greek maestro George Freeman & Media Blackout alumni Thomas Tonfeld. Airy pads and beautiful rhythmic components are the name of the game in both of these talented musicians interpretations. In going with a deeper, melodic sensibility the much-loved Greek George Freeman has delivered a superb complement to the luscious original. With Thomas's immaculately carved groove rework, the house based groove sets the tone and is the mainstay along with those distinctive vocals from Le Flex, making his version a pick for a great dance floor moment.

With the immense talent on offer ‘Summertime' delivers the ideal soundtrack for those lusty, sexy and funky dance floors that will make you ask for more. This is one Media Blackout release that should not be missed!

Medsound & Le Flex - Summertime | Media Blackout MBO054

1. Medsound & Le Flex - Summertime (Original Mix)
2. Medsound & Le Flex - Summertime(Mark Lower Remix)
3. Medsound & Le Flex - Summertime (Justin Faust Remix)
4. Medsound & Le Flex - Summertime (George Freeman Remix)
5. Medsound & Le Flex - Summertime (Thomas Tonfeld Remix)

Catalog #MBO054
Release Date: October 12th, 2015

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Artwork by Synaesthesik
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