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Mb4m - Ch03 - 'indigo'

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Miss me | Love me | Take me over | indigO | @Minuteb4midnight

God certainly does not live outside of us, but within us. And certainly, He does not live in one book where we must find all our answers. And last of all, He does not live in only select persons who reveal the one true way. If God lives within us, the answers are there already. Seek and ye shall find them.

" You think reality is what you can hear, smell, touch, taste and feel..
It’s so much more than that. “

In your own being.. you find so many veils that can cause you to come undone. - Layers need to be peeled back, spiritual connections need to be restored that you once possessed need to be peeled back, and set aside.

Often in life, someone will note or notice a segment of the population is different, they possess a source energy that is noticed by those closest to them at first but then extends out into the world.

You don’t notice it, because in your mind, everyone possesses these feelings you have. But these differences are evident in so many ways.

Your mind convinces you otherwise.

You are allowing this to some degree, but the closer you get to this understanding the more you understand this energy; but until you reach this source energy. Expand, evolve and become. You will then keep up with you.

The separation is the gap between who you are, and who you think you are. Your association with your light.

If you're focused and becoming aware have now an extension of this light, you begin to remember who you are before you adapted to your physical.

indigO is the vibrational alignment to bring you to the light. It’s the vibration of what you’re looking for already, but didn’t know. You remain suspended in your mind, and then you one day find yourself looking for something, but have no idea what it is. - If the absence of this vibration, your gap returns, until you understand how to get from where you are to where you want to be.. You practice the vibration of resistance, and all of us do.. but we are the creator of our own reality.

The pattern of vibration you feel when you experience fear. you’re in the wrong frequency.

The day you were born, you met yourself. The day you were born you met your mother, the day you were born you were indigo. - God tells us to come to him like a little child. humble and open to this world.

Indigo is the vibrational frequency you truly are meant to be in.
Indigo is the discovery of one’s truest most inner being.
Indigo is the color of your soul.

Indigo is your rebirth.

When you can become fearless from everything in your life and your surroundings, you are awake, you are enlightened, you are FREE.

00:05 - Hurricane (Adventure Club Remix) - MS MR
04:25 - Breathe - of Verona
09:05 - Look Over Your Shoulder - Kwabs
12:08 - Elysium - Mendum
16:52 - Twice - Little Dragon
19:48 - Forsaken (ft. Brenton Mattheus) - Mendum
24:10 - Space Age (Mb4M Flip) - Orby

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