Drowning Valentine [popularmusic |2017-05-18]
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Piano ballad demo.
Lyrics and vocal melody written and performed by Rachel London. Music written by Mario Valdes.

Hi everyone, this is a song I wrote four years ago that I never shared because I was told that it wasn't a "hit." That it was too "unconventional" - too "emotional." Too "imperfect." That it didn't go with the brand I was building. I was afraid that it was too "dark" - too raw, too vulnerable. But the truth is, I'm feeling extremely vulnerable right now as I teeter between life's dueling forces of control and surrender and I know that hiding my truth is not the answer...especially because it means coming to terms with inevitable imperfection being the thing that is indeed...perfection.

I'm still mourning. Mourning the end of my relationship. Some days are harder than others as I try to find an anchor within myself to tether me through life's external and emotional storms. The tether used to be my partnership...and once again, true partnership has become the thing I long for most, though I know the only true compass is the one within. That's not to say the journey is meant to be navigated alone. Mourning. Mourning what I thought life was "supposed" to be while doing my best to reconcile how the magic and the mundane can simultaneously coexist. That they are in fact inseparable entities.

Somehow the words of this song, words that naturally flowed through me years ago, more easily than anything else I've ever written, are speaking so poignantly to me today. I know that all I can do is be right where I am in this moment and hope that my own catharsis triggers something in you. We came here to feel. For better or worse. Some days are filled with apparent richness. Others, the magic and mystery remains concealed. Both are necessary.

Drowning Valentine is about feeling yourself sinking, love slipping through your fingertips before your eyes. Trying to breathe through it. Trying to stay afloat. Finding your own way to immortalize beauty while letting go of everything you thought was yours. Everything you thought you wanted and finally got to experience, if only for a blip in the consortium of time. Moments of joy and moments of pain all serve the same, greater purpose and will be etched on our hearts forever.

Thank you Mario Valdes being willing to roll with me on this and write the beautiful piano melody you hear. Working with you was so organic and such a dream.

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