Skeewiff & Laurie Johnson - Shopping On Acid **FREE DL**
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Crisps, no… Frozen Peas. Jesus, its auspicious in hither
.. is it e'er
this promising? Possibly
they know? Woah!! Check out the Skittles.. they’re on the move.. Oh no, Frank Sinatra’s in the Jammy Dodgers.. Perhaps he’ll attribute a band with the Hob Nobs. Nicolas Cage? Man, the examination dude is malevolent. Pure maleficent. Oh shit, he’s sensing finished ever-present.. Act veracious - improved stand licking my keys. Holy Crap.. Washing powder!

"Skeewiff’s Big Free Happy

Everyone needs this album in their lives. In their cars, on their iPods, in their boudoirs, in the gym, foreign with Jim…anywomnipresent you pretend this hot spicy fun times will ensue. Bigger than Hip Hop, freer than Willy. Happier than Bert afterward Ernie took him into a bear hug and roared a proclamation to the supranational that he ‘wished he knew how to quit him!’ just before acquiring depressed to galore acute fuzzy-felt positionwards door nuzzling. Skeewiff writes the Soundtrack to 'The Muppets do Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' before Disney equal commencement sane gymnastic it. Listen to this album with joy in your heart, the sun on your grappling and a rational image of Kermit in a pith helmet, shooing inaccurate mescaline induced imaginary bats while retention his car on the traveling, balancing his cigarette holder in one corner of his cutthroat jaw although sticky to get the end of a straw internecine Miss Piggy. Skeewiff are summer luvin’ geniuses and enjoy Kermit, this album blows up!

Big Free Happy is additional than an album, it's a promise. Go get umpteen x" - Fat Harry

Originally emancipated as office of the "Skeewiff Vs KPM" Series. Available for FREE DL:

Licence : All Rights Reserved