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  • Xenophobia Set
    Xenophobia Set Chapter five
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  • Vicki Waiting (Original Version)
    Vicki Waiting (Original Version) Outtakes 1976-1991 The first version before being released edited down, 1988
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  • Love Machine (Original Version)
    Love Machine (Original Version) Outtakes 1976-1991 The first version with P's vocals, featuring Elisa Fiorilllo...1989
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  • Possessive
    Possessive May U live 2 see the dawn...
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  •    Hot Wit U
    Hot Wit U Nasty Girl Mix - Long Version... 1999
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  • Purple Rain - The Electric Adolescence Experience
    Purple Rain - The Electric Adolescence Experience The importance of timing in music relates to more than just tempo. For certain artists there seems to be a moment where the world conspires to create an opening for them to take their shot. The rare opportunity to make an album and integrated feature film came at a time when Prince somehow combined the freshness of a new discovery with the pedigree of an industry veterin. Purple Rain was the result of an artist looking over the event horizon of popular music and seeming to see everything at once. The album shifts effortlessly between styles and genres, between radio-friendly accessibility and brash experimentation, and yet you’d struggle to find an album with a more cohesive sound. This reconception of Purple Rain restores the uncut singles and alternate versions of the album tracks against previously unreleased material like “G-Spot”, which was originally considered in-place of “Darling Nikki”, and “Electric Intercourse”, the epic ballad that acted as a placeholder for “Purple Rain”. Let’s Go Crazy (Film Intro/ Special Dance Mix) Take Me With U 17 Days G Spot (Guide Vocal) Purple Rain Music Excerpt The Beautiful Ones (Unreleased Alternate Version) Computer Blue (Extended Hallway Speech) Darling Nikki (Unreleased Alternate Version) When Doves Cry (Remix) I Would Die 4 U (12″ Version, Edited) Baby I’m a Star Electric Intercourse Purple Rain (Film Version) God Father’s Song
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  • Parade - The Electric Adolescence Experience
    Parade - The Electric Adolescence Experience If fans of his last album were worried that Prince had been straying from his funk roots with his last release, The Parade album showed how little he would be swayed by criticism. Suited more to the French Riviera that the cold plains of Minneapolis, rich string arrangements and delicate melodies framed this soundtrack to the Prince penned art-house feature film, Under the Cherry Moon. The first version of the album was assembled in May of 1985, and was more delicate and introspective than its eventual incarnation, which traded some of the more intimate songs for pop chart attempts like “Girls and Boys”, “Mountains”, and most notably Kiss, a song he wrote for the band Mazarati a year earlier and then reclaimed as his own. I chose to restore the album closer to its original configuration as I feel the emotionally downbeat and contemplative tone is better suited to the arc of the story emerging within Prince’s discography. Reflecting something of a spiritual quest, it speaks to loneliness of stardom with songs that seem equal parts skeptical and optimistic, equal parts black and white. Among the excluded material I brought back is a starry-eyed bootleg “There’s Other’s Here With Us”, the aptly titled “All My Dreams”, and perhaps most remarkably, “Old Friends 4 Sale”, an uncharacteristically personal jazz ballad confessing feelings of isolation and an increasing mistrust of the people around him. However heart-wrenching, the strife Prince enduring during the breakup of The Revolution would soon be fuel for what would be the most prolific year of the evolving artist’s life. Wendy’s Parade New Postition I Wonder U Under the the Cherry Moon Life Can Be So Nice Anotherloverholenyohead (Extended Version) All My Dreams There’s Others Here With Us Old Friends 4 Sale Sometimes It Snows In April
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