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  • mobilizer-meeting-August-27th
    mobilizer-meeting-August-27th About a dozen Mobilizers from across the country joined this call to discuss the Moral Mobilization and the idea of extending it through the Fall. We had a great talk about how to reach out to people in the religious community, how to use the Pope's encyclical as an organizing tool, and how to connect the call for a WWII-scale Climate Mobilization with the Pope's call for an "ecological conversion." What a creative & inspiring group!
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  • mobilizer-encyclical-july-2nd
    mobilizer-encyclical-july-2nd Mobilizers discuss Laudeto Si, Pope Francis' Encyclical. We are joined by special guests Sylvia Hood Washington, Epidemiologist, community organizer within the Catholic church, and editor of the Environmental Justice Journal, Mark Silk, scholar of religion in public life (and father of TCM deputy director Ezra Silk!), and Bhikku Bodhi, Buddhist monk and founder of Buddhist Global Relief
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  • mobilizer-meeting-August-2nd
    mobilizer-meeting-August-2nd The Moral Mobilization coordinators Ezra Silk and Kat Baumgartner described their vision for the week of action and fielded a set of excellent questions from four potential hosts across the country. If you want to get a sense of what the events will be like, and what it will take to pull them off, this is a great place to start.
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  • mobilizer-meeting-August-6th
    mobilizer-meeting-August-6th In the second organizing call for the Moral Mobilization, coordinators Ezra Silk and Kat Baumgartner described their recent efforts to enlist politicians in the Climate Mobilization. A general discussion was had with the four potential event hosts on the call about how to hold Moral Mobilization events, what they should look like, and how to approach important people to ask them about signing the Pledge to Mobilize and enlisting in a Moral Mobilization event.
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  • mobilizer-meeting-August-13th
    mobilizer-meeting-August-13th Ezra Silk spoke with Ethan Eynard about his plans to hold a Moral Mobilization event in Jefferson City. Ethan has plans to ask Father Stephen Jones, the head of the Catholic High School in town, to participate in his event, as well as a member of the Lincoln University Agriculture & Environmental Sciences faculty. Ethan has connections to both institutions. We discussed a number of potential ways for Ethan to go about building the Moral Mobilization in Jef City.
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