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Not about me it's about Jesus! And to God be the glory in all I say and do. Catch the Christian Talk Conference Call podcast posted bi weekly. These conferences are recorded live and unedited. Lock in on the word of God and enjoy the excitement as you learn what it really means to live in Christ Jesus! Christian talk --where together we learn how to walk in the image of God and His Son Jesus Christ and spread the good news of the gospel. All persons are welcomed from any religious or nonreligious background; Love welcomes all. We study using the KJV and NKJV bibles. All Conferences are Hosted by Paula Hogans. If you have prayer request please send them to Thesuremerciesofdavid@gmail.com. No private, personal information or spam will be shared. To God be the glory! Also if after listening to any of the Christian Talk Conference and you have a question that either you could not pose right away or after listening to the podcast, it is not too late-- you can now submit all Questions to Thesuremerciesofdavid@gmail.com and a response will be submitted back to you in a timely fashion. Thank you! Remember Christianity is Not a religion it is a relationship with Jesus Christ it is in your heart, do you have a heart of Jesus? It is your lifestyle; are you living in Spirit and Truth just like Jesus? Christianity is being one like and with Christ-- since we the church are the body of Jesus Christ! Let us come together and stick together holding fast onto our GodHead ( the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit) Jesus Christ!

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