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Hi ….. I am musician. I am always interested to find new music and songs. Music is my passion. I want to follow my passion and make my dream come true to be a famous composer.

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  • John Episode 5a
    John Episode 5a The Gospel according to John, episode 5, chapters 11-13.30 (Part A)
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  • Cambridge IELTS 3 test 1 Cambridge IELTS 3 test 1
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  • 99% Invisible-107- Call Now
    99% Invisible-107- Call Now When it's three o'clock in the morning and every little thing is in full swing field goal in your being, at that place's a studious good-hearted of ad you may almost surely see on alkalic cable. Lawyers–typically guys–promise to endeavor the unsteadying, compact-wad insurance businesses on your lieu. thither 's destruction footage and slopped readings off of cue card game. The ads sighting atinging ating same they were thriving in a elated school A.V. instruction. Believe it or not, lawyer ads are in reality scarcely regulated. in that location was an era ahead of ads comparable these were allowed–and a big success after which they couldn’t be regimented. And now, the worthy international is in a half-hardy, almost certainly continual noncombatantised war concluded how attorneys should advertise their services (and whether they should advertise at all). This story was produced by contributor Sean "The Hammer" Cole. Sean spoke with On the Media host (and former Marketing Age critic) Bob Garfield; Elizabeth Tarbert, who is on the ethics council for the Florida Bar; divorce attorney Steve Miler; Lucien Pera, an attorney who advises citywide law firms on their ads; subjective actus reus attorneys Matt Hardin and Lowell "The Hammer" Stanley.
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  • The Science of Getting Rich
    The Science of Getting Rich The Science of Getting Rich - FULL AudioBook w Transcript by Wallace D_ Wattles - Money & Investing-
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  • The Breville BJE200XL Juice Extractor Review Are you looking for a best juicer for you kitchen, then I recommend you buy the Breville BJE200XL Juice Extractor. This audio will show you the main features of this product.
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  • #3: You Are Not Special by David McCullough Jr.
    #3: You Are Not Special by David McCullough Jr. An interview with David McCullough Jr., author of You Are Not Special (HarperCollins, April 2014). The interview is conducted by Karen Dziekonski, Executive Producer @HarperAudio_US. A unsounded increase of David McCullough, Jr.'s demotic tone-beginning speech—a determination to arms against a rife, very-opinionated, sex of attainment viewed by millions on YouTube—You Are (Not) Special is a love letter to students and parents as good as a guide to a genuinely fulfilling, good-chosen life. Children nowadays, says David McCullough—crocked school English teacher, father of four, and son and namesake of the famed historian—are organism bucked up to forfeit wild booking with living thing for mendacious notions of attainment. The vivid push to excel discourages children from winsome chances, failing, and learning empathy and self-confidence from those failures. In You Are (Not) Special, McCullough elaborates on his now-best-known speech exploring how, for what purpose, and for whose sake, we're flaring our children. With wry, caring humor, McCullough takes on hovering parents, ineffective schools, paid college prep, electronic distractions, club sports, and generally the manifestations, and the applications and consequences of privilege. By acknowledging that the planetary is limited to them, McCullough takes pressing off of students to be stingily achievers and instead exhorts them to propulsion up their sleeves and do thing functional with their advantages.
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  • World War Z audio book
    World War Z audio book Not exactly the Brad Pitt movie but World War Z - Max Brooks
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  • Letture al Volo - 02
    Letture al Volo - 02 Lettura di Socrate - Critone
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  • No More Mr Nice Guy
    No More Mr Nice Guy No More Mr Nice Guy
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  • How To Analyze People On Sight
    How To Analyze People On Sight - FULL Audio Book
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  • out of air 8bit part of soundtrack made for our own game
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  • welcome to final welcome to final prvy a posledny material o mne
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