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  • In the Wake of the Shadows (my heart) The power of my heart is like a phoenix. The state of my heart is like the ashes. Falling... falling... scattering... in the wake of the shadows of this life. So sunk in this deep ocean, So dark, so cold. My heart, oh my heart is a liberation unto itself. My heart is a light in the darkest place, but my heart is like the ashes of a phoenix.... ohhhhh ohhh ahhhhh ohhh... So steady and so hard... My heart, my heart so cold, so cold. I see the gardens of this life ohhh. I see the forests so full. When will I grow Ohhh oh so old? My heart, my heart is like the ashes scattered in the oceans so cold oh... floating... floating... to the ice. My heart, my heart is like the ashes sooo cold....ohhhh ohhh so cold. Ahhh, The beauty of life ohhh when will I see?... when will I see it all? ohhhh ohhhhh oh.
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  • Endure Final
    Endure Final Endure Final
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