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  • Spin Me (+free sample pack)
    Spin Me (+free sample pack) Hi all, I am Nikola Stojsic (NS studios), a blind music producer, sound designer, piano player... from Serbia. We like fidget spinners, don't we all? I have recorded my fidget spinner with a condenser and contact microphones and edited the recordings to make a drum kit out of them. All of the drum sounds in this track come from that drum kit, and I am giving it away for free, so you can use the same in your own tracks! Download the spinner drum kit sample pack (includes an sfz font): http://www.nsstudiosweb.com/downloads...
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  • NS studios - Aliens attack mini audio drama type: mini audio drama genre: sci-fi duration: 5:33 m description: In just a few seconds, an ordinary day can turn out to be anything but that. The city is surrounded by aliens that are determined to take over it. The main character is not going to let that happen; so he fights back, battling with the way greater force - the aliens. Will he succeed in his mission? Will he manage to free the city and save the lives of those that have survived (if any)? production,mix,mastering: Nikola Stojsic (NS studios) voices: Nikola Stojsic (NS studios), Philip Bennefall and Kevin W (Ghorthalon the dragon) music: NS studios and Raymond Grote Aliens attack is the free mini audio drama. Download the mp3 from here (make it reach 100 downloads, and you'll get the extended version for free!) http://www.nsstudiosweb.com/audio.php
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