The Great Norfolk Tortoise Awakening
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By Vladimira Molcanova

Around Norfolk, people are enthusiastic about things you might not expect people to be enthusiastic about….like miniature dolls and, for that matter, miniature those in the the Norfolk Tortoise Club, where members really, really like tortoises. But when you think about it, tortoises live a long, long time, and they need someone to care about them a whole lot, right? Here’s what Vladimira Molcanova has to say about tortoises.

Last week we were discussing what we can’t do here in Future radio. I personally have difficulties to get out of bed in the morning. I´m sure I am not the only one around here, especially when it comes to tortoises.

This week, the news reported on the fascinating problem of how to wake up turtoises from their hibernation. As the article stated this is in fact a question most of us will never need to know the answer to.

So what is going on with these animals? Did they have too much to drink? Is there a certain sleep disorder involved? Did somebody drug them? Or are they simply lazy and not ready to deal with life? You will be surprised, but none of the above.

For many turtoise owners out there, this is a serious issue they have to tackle every year. It might even be the only thing that stands between life and death. Lets figure this out, how do we wake up these weirdly cute predators out of their eternal slumber? P.S.: A kiss is not the answer.

The Norfolk Tortoise Club, near Mulbarton will help us improve our knowledge
The senior member of 10 years, Eleanor Tirtasana believes once you go tortoise, there is no way back.The 31 year old tortoise enthusiast believes caring for reptiles is a minefield.

There are many lengths of hibernation that a tortoise can undergo. Some owners let their pets hibernate for a length of a European winter, but in fact should switch to the north African one. With all the different species, there are even tortoises that don’t hibernate, yet owners make them undergo a long nap.“

It may seem like an easy thing to do, put them to sleep, and then let the alarm wake them up, but in fact there is so much more to that. Hibernating tortoises correctly is not a joke, it can be very dangerous. It is about getting to know your pet.

Let there be sun, the almighty may have said, and let the tortoises wake up. In fact, a heat lamp, or a warm bath it´s what it takes to safely wake up the sleeping beauties. Wish somebody would wake you up with a warm bath? Don´t hesitate and get in touch with the Norfolk Tortoise Club, they might find a place for you.

The Norwich Tortoise Club is a group in Norwich. They offer support, advice, and rescue and re-homing help. Many of the members have been helping tortoises for nearly half a decade! Basically, they love tortoises, and want to make sure they’re as happy as tortoises can be. If you want to learn more, check out

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