Simon Dictates: The GoGo Dragon invasion!
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HOLLY: Welcome back to the Norfolk Storytelling Project. I’m one of your hosts, Holly J. McDede, and I’m joined here at the bus stop with Simon Richard Tate. Hi Simon.

SIMON: Hello.

HOLLY: Now, a lot of people have been wondering who you are. Who are you?
SIMON: I’m Simon Richard Tate.

HOLLY: And as I understand it, each week we ask your opinion on a number of different events happening here around Norfolk. Is this true?

SIMON: Yeah, that is the case.

HOLLY: So you’re just a history student? Why are you on the radio?

SIMON: I’m just a normal history student with no expertise or capabilities.

HOLLY: And are you an expert around Norwich?

SIMON: No, I’m just a history student.

HOLLY: Our first topic concerns: dragons. As you may have heard, some rather peculiar pupils are flying into classrooms all throughout Norfolk as the GoGoDragons! schools project gets hot, potentially even fiery-breathing. Those unusual pupils are…dragons! Simon, did you hear about this?

SIMON: I confess that I wasn’t aware of this red, hot change of school attendance in Norfolk.

HOLLY: Well, last week, 100 schools, youth organizations, and community groups have been decorating baby dragons. Real ones! These dragons are going to go next to the 80 adult dragons. The project appears to have been inspired by the GoGO Gorillas School, project, where students painted gorillas, which was inspired by GoGo Elephants, where students painted elephants. According to research, the amount of baby dragons doubles the amount of baby gorillas decorated. What’s the purpose of having children decorate dragons? We don’t even need to ask Simon that. But we do have some questions for him.

SIMON: I don’t believe Norwich City Council would approve of 80 flying hazards flying through Norwich day and night. Perhaps on the Prince of Whales Road, however. But I do think this shows the success of the GoGo Gorilla campaign.
HOLLY: Simon, if you had the choice between painting a dragon, gorilla, or elephant, what would you do?

SIMON: One could choose the gorilla for its strength, the elephant for its wisdom, and the dragon for the flights of fancy it suggests. For me it would have to be a dragon.

HOLLY: Do you think childhood is important? Critics have suggested it is a vital portion of one’s life.

SIMON: Childhood is important. It takes a 5th to an 8th of your whole life.

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