Absentminded Madness
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By Alice Hutchins

The following story is based on a police manhunt launched in Mousehold Heath in Norwich, United Kingdom, after an unnamed 18-year-old had been spotted using a toy sword as a prop for a film project.

il coltello taglia: The knife cuts.

Deep as a double edged sword. It was all an accident, a misunderstanding, a moment of absent-minded madness. The machete and the blood were as fake as the mask which concealed the actor's eyes and expression. There was never any need for panic, panic was not the intention. The flash of red in the hands of an apparent mad-man soon saw to it that panic, people did.

il coltello taglia. The knife cuts.

The current condition of the world is in utter disarray. The Mousehold man-hunt a fine example of the cautions people must take in an ever incautious world. The 999 as quick as the thumping of a heart. The police in the road were easily explained away, a film project gone wrong. But fear is a lasting response, and the responsibility cannot be shrugged off like the mask of a killer. It is not so easy to dissuade from the system. Words and actions, sharp as a blade, define us.

il coltello taglia... The knife cuts.

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