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The elephant is one of the most interesting and beautiful creatures on earth. It is the largest animal on land with some bulls growing up to about thirteen feet tall. They can weigh up to seven tones for the bulls- about the weight of a truck.

Elephants are unique in that they smell, eat, and wash them using their long flexible trunks. In addition they have elongated teeth made of ivory that aid them in getting food. They do use them also to lift heavy objects including pushing down trees. These teeth are called tusks.

The most obvious characteristic of elephants, besides their massive size, is their trunk. The trunk is nothing more than an elongation of their nose and upper lip. Besides being used for breathing and smelling it is also used as an appendage, much like an arm or hand. Elephants are capable of pulling up to 11.5 liters (3 gallons) of water into the trunk to be sprayed into the mouth for drinking or onto the back for bathing. They use their two finger-like projections that are at the tip to manipulate small objects and to pluck grasses.

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