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Moana "MzMolulu" Lue born and raised in Jacksonville IL, MzMolulu is recognized and respected for her style of rap and her grind and her force behind the pen . MzMolulu focused on being a rapper/writer however during her musical journey she has evolved and learned how to record, produce, as well as write music for other artist. As of date, she is currently featured a mixtape that she idolize MzMolulu thrives in creating relatable music, as well as being a role model to young girls which has put her in the forefront. after holding all her pain build up she found a way to let it all out through the pen, freestyle at a young age she took rapping seriously at the age 8 years old just write songs that came to her and expressed her feeling from her struggle going up. MzMolulu used music and basketball to hide behind all her pain. When she was not playing basketball she was writing music. At the age 15 she was in a group name NBG with her brother and a friend. Focus on school and basketball she drop the pen for a while as she set goals for basketball all through high school molulu had a full ride to college for basketball after months in school, family issue back home took a turn for the worst and after the loss of a cousin she gave up and went back home after the 1sem of college. September 2010 molulu had won a trip to BETs 106 and park ultimate fan that when she again start back writing music again it gave the push she need to get back to music she had to rebuild herself, focus on music she was ready for the journey, from that point she wanted to model as well, she been on many audition for reality shows. she is seem to many as a remodel and inspiration from her struggle life in Jacksonville IL, MzMolulu is more focused on sharing his music with the world as she released her first Mixtape Ambition of a female hustle is too drop June 2013 She has appeared on coast 2 coast STL and rock many stags, Molulu is known for her intense delivery, charm, lyricism, crazy catchy flow, and her ability to write music. "Moving fast is the 1st song mzmolulu has drop once she start back writing music, MzMolulu never had a male remodel in her life, 2 days old her father walk out on her life, tyronn lue many remember from the Laker and sixers nba finals game has inspire mzmolulu and is the only male role model she look up too and idolize he inspire her to follow her dreams. MzMolulu say “i have nothing to prove i just have something to show and a story to tell" MzMolulu looks up to many artist from missy Elliott, lil Wayne, Nicki minaj, Trina, jay z, and more. MzMolulu is the CEO of Clayville Records and BBYM Ent which she has built from ground up. MzMolulu has an online clothing store. MzMolulu has host many show case back home to inspire her youth, she put together a summer show called inspire by my dream show case. MzMolulu is definitely being an artist that people continue to talk about. Look for much more coming from MzMolulu

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