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Former broadcaster turned writer/producer and professional voice-over artist.<br />
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For the entire story of 'Jody Baxmeyer' click on the website link to my professional page.<br />
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jodybaxmeyer@gmail.com for rate card and availability. <br />
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Muskybuck`s Uploads

  • Total Package Commercial and Character Voice Demo This is my standard demo reel. Starts off with three separate commercial read styles then follows with the character voices I've done.
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  • Viking Women TV Documentary This is the Gebrueder Beetz 2 hour Television Docu-drama "Viking Women" which I narrated. This is the opening sequence for each of the two shows which aired throughout Europe on Arte and NDR and is being aired now throughout North America.
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  • Wuskwatim A New Way Forward TV Documentary This is the audio taken from the opening sequence of the television documentary I narrated, "Wuskwatim, A New Way Forward". The documentary was about the impact of large hydro projects on Canadian Native settlements. The producers of the documentary wanted me to read this PBS Frontline style.
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  • One Last One Sample Full audio production of 2 hour 40 minute audio movie script. Audio editing and mixing of original actor sessions on Skype then finished with full sound effecting and music score. This was the first of the three scripts produced and is the most basic of sound. Very earthy and as grotesque as I could imagine. The later scripts, The Debt Conspiracy and Tommy Has a Yeast Infection had more complicated sound but this one was much more simple in it's approach. That being said there were some incredibly tricky scene's to paint such as large waves of humans turning to dogs before turning werewolf while meeting another group of humans doing the same thing. Balancing all those individual sounds was fun. jodybaxmeyer@gmail.com
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  • The Debt Conspiracy Sample Full audio production of 2 hour and 30 minute audio movie script. Audio editing and mixing of original actor sessions on Skype then finished with full sound effecting and music score. This script was my favorite to work. It took just over two months to complete at 50+ hours a week. The sample is from a police chase sequence through Tokyo. This sequence was a two day effort alone much less the intricate fight scene's, bus chases, exotic locations and using sound indigenous to location. jodybaxmeyer@gmail.com
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  • Tommy Has A Yeast Infection Sample Full audio production of 2 hour audio movie script. Audio editing and mixing of original actor sessions on Skype then finished with full sound effecting and music score. This was the last of the three, One Last One, The Debt Conspiracy to be finished by this time I had been working straight since August when mixing began with all of the three's base acting recordings. I had fun with this one. I tried to be light with the sounds with comedic based music score that used inspirational tone during the moments the character rises above himself. Not any tricky scene's to describe sonically like The Debt Conspiracy and especially One Last One. jodybaxmeyer@gmail.com
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  • ABQ Ride Gets You To The Fair 2 City of Albuquerque's transit department required a 15 second imaging spot to be produced for their 'ABQ Ride Gets You To The Fair' campaign. Spot produced for local radio to run during Albuquerque State Fair. jodybaxmeyer@gmail.com Supplied Voice over, audio production and sound design.
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  • ComedyOnHold
    ComedyOnHold For business on hold systems intended to make your on hold system funny, not frustrating. First volume of four that are available. Message inserts between comedy bits can be rerecorded to personalize for individual businesses. jodybaxmeyer@gmail.com
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  • On The Air Demo This is a demo montage of some of my comedy bits written and produced by me for my radio shows when I was still on the air. Although this is very small sample of my material, I wrote and produced original comedy sketches everyday, as I was on the air Monday through Friday for years, this means a great deal of my stuff is beaming out past our solar system being picked up by aliens around the galaxy by now. God save us all. jodybaxmeyer@gmail.com
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  • Character Voices Demo A small sampling of different character voices that I've done. jodybaxmeyer@gmail.com
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