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    STRIKING SERPENTS HEAD MELCHIZEDEK (Melchizedek) Defense against a front bear hug - arms free Step back to 7:30 with your right foot into a left Neutral Bow as your right hand checks at face level (to check a head butt) and do a left inward Back Knuckle to attackers mastoid. Technique Flow Pin attackers head by anchoring your left elbow or grab their hair and anchor your left elbow to draw their head back. Do a right Half Fist, palm down to attackers throat. Technique Flow Main Power Principle Torque MESSIAH (Messiah) WOMEN (Girls)

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  • Classic Country Mix Volume 5
    Classic Country Mix Volume 5

    Old school country from Alan Jackson, George Jones, Buck Owens, George Strait, Lonestar, Brooks & Dunn, Lynn Anderson, Mel Tillis, Toby Keith, Faith Hill, Darryl Worley and more!

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  • Throwback Alternative Mix Volume 5
    Throwback Alternative Mix Volume 5

    Reminds you of WHFS? You'll hear rock from Live, Staind, 311, Pearl Jam, Prodigy, Foo Fighters, Sublime, Metric, Joe Jackson and more!

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  • The Race Freestyle
    The Race Freestyle

    Freestyle.... Cause I Anit Did It In A While TMO/SVO/PFG/BGM

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  • 90s Music Mix Volume 5
    90s Music Mix Volume 5

    It's a throwback to the decade of beepers, pagers, Trapper Keepers and grunge rock. You'll hear songs from TLC, Mark Morrison, Matchbox 20, Backstreet Boys, Sublime, Fuel, Coolio and more!

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    ATTACKING MACE Animated GIF Defense against a right straight punch Step backwithyour left foot into a left Neutral Bow while doing a left Inward Block, closing attackers center line. Right hand checks at waist. Technique Flow Thundering Hammers Flashing Wings Flashing Mace Open left hand as a check and move into a left Forward Bow while doing a right Horizontal Thrust punch to attackers ribs to open their center line. Technique Flow Protecting Fans Slide your right hand down attackers arm, grabbing their wrist and pull attacker into you while doing a Rear Ball Kick to their groin. Technique Flow Land from the kick just in front of attackers right knee and do an Uppercut punch to ribs. Keep holding wrist of attackers punching arm. Technique Flow Crossing Talons End of Grasp Of Death Glancing Salute End of Evading The Storm Destructive Kneel Main Power Principle Back-up Mass INTELLECTUAL DEPARTURE Animated GIF Defense against a right Front Ball Kick Step back to 4:30 with your left foot as you turn backwards into a reverse Cat Stance while doing a right Inside Downward (palm down) block with right forearm on kick. Technique Flow Do a right Rear Kick to attackers groin before their kicking leg lands. Technique Flow As you land from the Rear Kick into a right Neutral Bow facing attacker, do a right Back Knuckle to attackers temple. This may or may not make contact, depending on how far you moved them with the kick. Technique Flow Right Slide-Up Side Kick to attackers chest, landing forward in a right Neutral Bow. Technique Flow Main Power Principle Back-up Mass 38360371.mp3

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  • The 80s Volume 5 (Supermix)
    The 80s Volume 5 (Supermix)

    Sending you back in time to the 80's with music from Triumph, Ronnie Milsap, J.J. Fad, Guns N' Roses, Missing Persons, Stage Dolls, Will To Power and more!

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  • Spit change
    Spit change

    Power of perception is a weapon!

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  • 38308848

    GIFT OF DESTRUCTION Animated GIF Defense against an unfriendly handshake. While pulling towards you with your right hand (to get attacker off balance), do a left inward/upward Heel Palm to jam attackers elbow upward. At the same time, lift your left knee up then jump up and forward (leaning slightly left to avoid a head butt), driving your right knee into attackers groin or stomach. Technique Flow Entwined Maces As you land forward in a right Neutral Bow, check attackers right arm with your left hand (simply roll your hand clockwise to move from under attackers arm to the top of attackers arm) as you do a right Inward Elbow to attackers face. Technique Flow Main Power Principle Back-up mass

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  • The 70s  Volume 5
    The 70s Volume 5

    Tossing you back to the decade of disco and big collars, with a two hour mix of songs from Edison Lighthouse, Guess Who, Candi Staton, Tower of Power, Fifth Dimension, Sailcat, Delaney & Bonnie and more!

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