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  • Some ideas for the best blender before getting one The idea of health consciousness is developing gradually among people nowadays. And more and more liquids are being added to diet charts. Interesting fact is, blenders have become the basic need of every household. To prepare different types of smoothies and juices, you need the best blender that supports all the functions. The market has a variety of blenders but doubt arises on which one to choose, isn’t it? Before you step into a kitchen appliance outlet, consider few features you must check before purchasing the right machine. Easy cleaning: Hygiene is the first concern of human beings. Blenders should be cleaned properly after every use to prevent growth of germs. Buy a blender that is easy to wash. Some blenders have removable blades also. Power: The more the power of a blender, the finer are the smoothies. That’s the basic concept. A blender with higher wattage will crush hardest ingredients into most absorbable state by our body. Best blenders usually demand a minimum of 500 watts or more. Jar or Container: While buying a blender, keep in mind the size of the pitcher. Get one appropriate as per size of your family. Jars can be of plastic or glass. Plastic jar is unbreakable but prone to bacteria growth. Whereas glass containers are easy to wash and remain bacteria free. Warranty of the product: Machines tend to get breakdowns anytime. When you buy the best blender for your family, make sure it has a reliable warranty for all its parts. So, in case there’s any problem with your appliance, you can get it fixed instead of buying a new one. Now, check the different types of blenders available: Don’t get puzzled with different types of blenders in the market. Let’s make your choice easy. Three types of blenders are there mainly – personal blenders, full-size blenders and immersion blenders. What are personal blenders? Personal blenders are the most popular blenders in demand. It simply breaks fruits, vegetables or hard ingredients into fine smoothie highly beneficial for our health. There are both single and multiple containers available with a package. Magic bullet is a good example that tops the chart. Next is the upright blender: This comes with more power capacity. Upright blenders are used not only for making smoothies but also for other purposes like smashing baby foods, soups and other types of components. Upright blenders also have power of grinding dry stuff and have longevity. To give two examples- Blendtec and Vitamix are considered very powerful. Immersion blenders for no room: This is the third type of blenders after personal and full- size upright blenders. Immersion blenders are for those who have less space in their kitchen for big machines. Blades of these blenders are attached at the end and motors remain on the handles. Blending is done by placing handle directly into the container you will mix in with blades facing down. So, are you ready to visit the market for best blender? These are few important things that might help you in selecting an appropriate machine. Do read all functions and other details before purchasing. Find out more http://foodal.com/
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