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MTG Finance and MTG Speculation and MTG Spoilers Youtuber at MTG LION. I make videos on how to trade, speculate, and invest in Magic the Gathering Cards. I currently have a MTG subscriber contest for a FOIL Liliana of the Veil. I used to be a moderator on mtg salvation in the general issues forum. I try to open the newest mtg booster boxes. I comment on mtg visual spoilers. I open MTG packs, create MTG deck techs, do MTG Spoilers, and write interesting Articles on Magic the Gathering Finance and Magic the Gathering Speculation. I play MTG Modern, MTG Standard, MTG EDH, and MTG Limited. I host a weekly google stream for the Magic the Gathering community to talk with other MTG Youtubers. I have a pretty nice MTG Trade Binder and I am looking forward to trading with everyone. #mtgfinance #mtgspeculation #mtglion #mtgspoilers

2 scheduled magic the gathering videos each and every day at 6PM and 7PM CST. At least one video every day will be related to mtg speculation and mtg finance. #mtgfinance I am a MTGLION. Soon, I’ll open up mtg trades via my magic the gathering trade binder.

Welcome to my magic the gathering channel. I make videos about mtg including speculation, trading for profit, and investing in magic the gathering cards. I was known as the shark of youtube but now I'm just a small youtuber. I was trained by the original shark of magic the gathering and have since decided to go my own path. While I learned a lot about making magic the gathering finance content from the original shark, I felt that I could do more. Maybe even inspire a youtube mtgfinance community.

On my channel you will find a lively debate of mtg finance and mtg speculation. I also provide mtg pack openings, mtg deck techs, mtg product reviews, and magic the gathering videos in general. I do live mtg speculations and mtg finance on google plus. I’m very good at modern, draft, and sealed.

My channel also has contests. I've given away an entire set of From the Vault Legends as well as a Force of Will. Currently my prizes include Deathrite Shaman, Jace AoT, Snapcaster Mage, and Foil Chandra Ablaze.
I try to be as honest as possible to my subscribers. I do daily mtg videos. I am a guru at finding great magic the gathering deals for my subscribers. I traded thousands of times and sold on ebay and buylisted for thousands of dollars. I sharked my way to the top of the food chain but was unhappy with what my channel became. I play online magic and enjoy speculating on "princess" cards. I am also an avid believer now in magic the gathering pre-orders. I do spoilers, set reviews and everything other mtg channels do but I highlight mtg finance and mtg speculation.

On this channel I discuss magic the gathering, rules, wiki, speculations, rants, daily mtg, spoilers, previews, deck builder, card prices, price guides, online magic, mtg gatherer, and how to play magic. I am a big fan of speculating magic and believe everyone can make money from doing so.

The best way to build your collection is getting help. I offer online help in stocking up your trade binders.

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Reached 1000 magic the gathering youtube subsribers in a month and a half. Had a mtg youtube channel with 5-7K views a day.

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