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  • Heaven
    Heaven Do we go to Heaven right when we die as disciples? What will Heaven be like? What is the new earth and new Heaven? Is it a physical or spiritual place? This teaching gives my biblical views on our future home and was given at our once a month "deep Bible teaching" night in our campus leaders d-group. Take down the scriptures and come to your own conviction on this amazing future home of ours!
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  • The Beginning of the Gospel My new series on the book of Mark! This is an introduction to the book of Mark and covers chapter 1. This series is given at campus devotional and focuses on building God's kingdom by learning from Jesus!
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  • Identity Crisis Who are you really at your core? The world is looking for something or someone to identify with. Have you battled depression, self-worth, or felt defeated by sin? This lesson is for you and will change you from the inside out!
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  • Secrets of the Kingdom How do you get your ministry to start moving? Lacking miracles? This teaching is a textual teaching of Matthew 13 as Jesus reveals leadership principles (secrets) to forcefully advance His kingdom!
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  • Battle in the Heavenlies
    Battle in the Heavenlies This teaching was given to my campus leaders d-group and is an overview of Satan's origin, the story behind fallen angels, what are demons, dinosaurs and pre-adamic creatures, and the victory that Jesus Christ offers us as disciples in this battle of the heavenlies we are actively engaged in whether you know it or not!
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  • Praying Like Samson Ten minute lesson on desperate prayers and leadership from my charge at the GLC on Samson.
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  • God is Looking for a Man The world is a dark place, and God is looking for someone who will stand in the gap and change the world. Hear the calling of God in this powerful d-group lesson.
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  • Seek and Save the Lost Bible study given to a d-group on evangelism and the parable of the minas.
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  • Being Discipled
    Being Discipled How to have great discipling relationships in the church
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