Mad Raggety & Avin - Love Of My… life (nep-hop/hip-hop/rap)

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Composer/Lyrics: Mad Raggety & AVIN
Beat/Instrumental: Sombatts Production
Record Label: Mic Records & Red Hot Entertainment

* Mic Records


*Mad Raggety

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Soche banau timlai mero priyesi,
K saath dinxau timle malai afno thani,
Basthay ma ek kuna ma timlai samjhi,
Timro oothako muskan lai saatha rakhi,
Sadhai vari timi mero bhai rakha,
Chaindaina aru kehi kura timi bata,
Baacha gara mero saatha kaihle choddainau,
Bhana yo maan aba kaihle todainau,
Aakha ma timi xau, Maana ma timi xau,
Mero sara khusi haru timi hau... x2

Mad Raggety:
When I look into your eyes I get lost somewhere,
Where I am the prince and you are my princess,
Your pretty, pretty smile & your cutie, cutie face,
But now you hate me & I hate the growing space,
Love of my life, yea! That’s you girl,
You’re more important to me than dimes & pearl,
Back in days when we were together,
We made a commitment to be one forever,
I wish you be stitching button in my shirt,
Than we getting romantic & you kissing my heart,
I wish I can see that day to come,
You not in my life & I feel so numb,
I am sorry for breaking you into piece,
I am sorry for crossing my limit & crease,
There’s story in my tears but no one can read,
I’m half of my heart so you make me complete...

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