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METROPOLITANA: is an artistic plan created by tonj casaluce(italy-europe) and subsequently worked out with several musicians,artist,sound engineers,printing and engraving experts,art consultants. the firs record titled: metropolitana-anello sonoro was recorded in verona,at "pareti sconnesse"studio,on march 27th,2004. the second work of the year 2004 is the record named: metropolitana-askance recorded in torino at"mini-rec"studio. in 2005 the plan proceeds and produces two new works: metropolitana-the shock of a fall metropolitana-sopra sensibile-mediante le idee these two discs were recorded between milano and torino and always mixed in torino/-In 2005 born a single too,dedicated to mia martini titled metropolitana-vol de nuit."vento" in the year 2006 the work is still the experimentation of the sound and fruits are the sperimental album: metropolitana-alien different dalay metropolitana-a few criptic words also dedicated in two song to bjork(song"dream")and oriana fallaci(song"oceano alieno") succesively the experimentation of the sound and the ideas that words in the texts had to convey to who listen and mix with the sound,goes on:from metropolitana produced others new records: metropolitana-lineal metropolitana-protoplasmatic(always tonj casaluce in his creative experimental walking texts,voice,guitars,bass guitars,eletronics and more with record soloist) metropolitana-sclerotic scissoring school metropolitana-no close yes you dark and noise(recorded-bologna) metropolitana-inflexion(recorded-bologna-reggio emilia) metropolitana-painkiller pills metropolitana-momenti elettrici sui nostri lividi(recorded-livorno) metropolitana-otherwise(recorded-genova) metropolitana-angel's wings(recorded-reggio emilia) metropolitana-splenetic metropolitana-fuxia invasion(recorded s.remo) metropolitana-hibernation+2 metropolitana-un riflesso taglia il suono metropolitana-bio digital(last work 2009) metropolitana myspace edition mp3 2009 and special works(2005-2009):special edition underground: metropolitana-reti metalliche metropolitana-the plain facts metropolitana-eyes moist with tears)

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