The Ones Who Walk This Planet
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Part 1:

I am looking into the distance of this new world. I cannot see anything, but endless hills and valleys of melting ice. I have been on this planet for about four months now. The loneliness has slowly been eating away at my already frail soul. I need to find civilization. I need to find people, any kind of people. I need company. I have begun to talk to myself. I write these letters in order to give them to the person that rescues me from this nightmare. If I get rescued. I am walking hopelessly down a valley. I see smoke. I cannot quite tell if the smoke is just coming from a fire, or if there is civilization. I get excited and start to run. I feel something puncture my left shoulder. Time seems to be moving slower. The world fades into the back of my mind.

Part 2:

I open my eyes. I see a face. What is this face? Where am I? I try to get up and feel a throbbing in my forehead. It's difficult for me to make my vision clear. It seems as if I'm in a metal room. A prison. The person holds a hot towel over my head. I try to make out a face. She looks like a normal human being. She asks me to sit up. I sit up a little bit in my bed and the girl gives me a shot in my left arm. The liquid in the syringe holds a bright yellow coloration. She says in perfect English, "Who are you? Are you feeling OK? We had to neutralize you just in case you were a threat." I ask, "Where am I? Who are you? How did I get here?" I realize my hands and legs are in leather braces and are tied down to the bed. I begin to thrash out, but the medicine she gave me is making my eyes roll back into my head. Everything fades into white, then grey, then black.

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