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Part 2/4 of The Wanderer EP.

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The mask: It was uncovered in a time long forgotten, when heroes were mortal and time was fickle. The martyr, now known simply as “The Masked one,” was framed for a terrible deed he did not commit, betrayed by his most loyal companion, and deemed unfit for this most tainted world. Proclaiming his innocence was futile, and so he was sentenced to death while his wicked persecutors washed their dirty hands clean.

However it was in the cataclysmic chasms of that unknowable underworld to which he was banished that he discovered his purpose. Far from the land of the living, the mask was unearthed - the brilliant, ethereal energy of this dark place moulded into his tangible sense of identity. For the long lost wanderer, it was the moment of awakening: the fusion of his mortal body with the searing, immortal energy of the mask.

And so the masked one returned - reanimated, he wandered the eternal deserts of the underworld. Finally he found the crack in the seal, the opening to the better reality. The startling natural light of the living world shone through the void with a beautiful sincerity as the desert sands of the other place cascaded elegantly through the inverted chasm. Though exhausted, he was invigorated, and as he reached out to touch the shifting sands, he fell through, and was reborn. The undead wanderer of the cosmos, the masked one, finally returned to fulfil his ultimate purpose.


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