Should I be worried of getting mesothelioma if I work wit
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The next question is about, my father was exposed to asbestos 30 years ago or so. For over a year, no mask, working with asbestos. Should I be worried, and is there anything he should do to take care of himself? There's no sign of anything, but worries me that he was exposed this much to the dust.
I think I would be worried too, if that was my father. I think that oftentimes people who are diagnosed with meso, they will tell their siblings that they've been diagnosed, and oftentimes the siblings will get routine stereo chest X-rays to make sure that they are without any evidence of any growth in their chests. So I would say if you could get a routine chest X-ray, I think that's a great ... that, and of course if you have any symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing, pain in your back or chest ... and these are all very vague symptoms, but they do sometimes ... that's how the onset of meso starts. So my ... I guess my best advice would be that I would get a chest X-ray, routinely. [Allie 00:01:06], what would you suggest?

Yeah, I would agree with you, but I think you'll also find physicians ... a lot of the doctors will say that it won't do any good. It's ... they're just doing it more to placate you. I guess there's no evidence that would support that you'll be found earlier with lung cancer, or with mesothelioma, anyway. So, but I would agree with what you said, though. Because ... but again, the number of people that actually come down with mesothelioma, compared to the number of people that are exposed to it, is incredible. It's estimated that it's like 20 million people in the United States, that are exposed to asbestos, and again, 3,000 a year. So it's ... the other thing that they're working on is, there seems to be some genetic ... maybe some familial genetic component to it. And that's really what they're looking at. And they're looking at different genes, like the [inaudible 00:02:14] gene. Different ones like that, that might provide a breakthrough, at some point in research. [inaudible 00:02:30]. But again, it is a worry. There's no doubt about it. It is definitely something you just worry ... you don't want to, but you just worry about it.
All right.

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