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20100729, 20100731

This song was composed at a time when my spirit was greatly oppressed and suppressed by the enemy. I felt that I was ignoring my Beloved Jesus and I was acutely aware of His desire, but I just kept procrastinating our personal time with task after task. Midst this suffering, the Lord comforted me in an unexpected way – lyrics from my old mainstream music.

For those who know Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter", there is this heart-wrenching line in the chorus when he sings, "I can't take my eyes off you..." The Lord spoke those words to me...so immensely provocatively...

Regardless of my spirit's condition...
"I can't take my eyes off you..."

Whether those eyes are admiring my faith, or yearning for my love; weeping my sorrow or crying out my joy,
"I can't take my eyes off you..."

The first part is from the perspective of the Lord Jesus. Then from the bridge onwards, I finally take that step of faith to respond to Him.

There are 2 reasons for naming this song "Overcome".
1. Our faith overcomes the enemy's attacks - in all shapes and sizes, whether it be disturbances, accusations or shadows.

2. Our faith steals the heart of our Christ Beloved. Our penetrating gaze of faith affects Him so viscerally that He asks us to turn away from Him.

Song of Songs 4:9; 6:5
"You have ravished my heart,
My sister, my spouse;
You have ravished my heart
With one look of your eyes,
With one link of your necklace.
"Turn your eyes away from me,
For they have overcome me.

Dearest brothers and sisters, our eyes of faith can pierce through every dark cloud. Let us overcome - our enemy and our Beloved!

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