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  • The Men's Rights Movement
    The Men's Rights Movement In this show, Matthew discusses the central concerns of the "Men's Rights Movement", how the social doctrine of the Church matches up with it, and what simply must be done in this area in order to prevent societal collapse. (25 August 2014)
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  • The Catholicism of Star Wars
    The Catholicism of Star Wars In this episode, Matthew analyzes the distinctively Christian and Catholic elements of Star Wars. ...There are a lot of them. (17 August 2014)
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  • Protestantism Disables People
    Protestantism Disables People In this episode, Matthew lays out how Protestantism disables its adherents -- in faith, society, culture, government, and so on. (3 August 2014)
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  • Duty, Ability, and Rights
    Duty, Ability, and Rights These terms -- duty, ability, and rights -- are often conflated, as a result of French and American influences. In this show, Matthew will break down the differences between them, how they relate, and how they should be respected on a practical level, all within the Christian context. (27 July 2014)
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  • The Book that Caused the French Revolution In recognition of Bastille Day, Matthew, in this special Monday episode, discusses the book that caused the French Revolution: "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" (The Dangerous Liaisons), written by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. The book -- perhaps unintentionally -- set off pious sentiment against the Ancien Regime, and its influence carries on today. (14 July 2014)
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  • Has Islam ever been peaceful? In this episode, Matthew answers the title's question, perhaps one of the biggest on everyone's minds today: "Has Islam ever been peaceful?" Matthew herein goes through some of the most important historical battles and events for Muslims, also mentioning the Qur'an when relevant. (6 July 2014)
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  • The Inquisitions In this episode, Matthew clears up a lot of the confusion and the lies about the biggest historical inquisitions, especially the one in Spain. (22 June 2014)
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  • Anti-Catholicism in America In this episode, Matthew briefly details the long history of anti-Catholicism in the Protestant United States of America. (15 June 2014)
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  • The Crusades In this episode, Matthew sets out to explain and detail the Crusades in both their historical and their modern context. Covered will be the origins, saints, piety, and confusion surrounding the events. (8 June 2014)
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  • Patriotism vs. Nationalism In this episode, Matthew defines "patriotism" and "nationalism". The terms, in Catholicism, are quite different: one falls under virtue, and the other falls under disorder. Matthew herein seeks to offer the (simplified) Catholic worldview on government and politics, in the context of foreign policy and in a time of rampant Americanism. (1 June 2014)
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