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Hi everyone, my name is Khai! I am a huge fan on fast pace and upbeat music, and I tend to come here often to listen to some tunes when I am working on my website (I own a lucid dreaming website).

As well, from me being a lucid dreamer enthusiast, I like making many binaural beats with background music that people can freely listen to for their night of lucid dreaming. My music focus more on helping people with meditation, sleep, and relaxation. I want to point out that the background music for my binaural beats are not made by me, and that they are open license music. Thank you for reading!

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  • The Beginning First Sound Track
    The Beginning First Sound Track This 30 Min lucid dreaming binaural music was created with the base tone of 136.1 and is said to have the effects of joy and calmness. The binaural beat of this music is 4.9 Hz which support deep sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Enjoy!
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