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Louis Sauter was born in the USA but has lived most of his life in France. He is both an engineer and a musician. As a pianist, he enjoys accompanying singers or playing chamber music. For several years, he sang as a tenor for the Colonne Orchestra, performing in prestigious venues such as Salle Pleyel and Chartres Cathedral, as well as for French television. He has written a number of musical compositions for solo instruments, for voice, for chamber ensembles and symphonic orchestras, several of which have been performed internationally.

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  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Children's Album, Op.39 (selection)
    Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Children's Album, Op.39 (selection) Selection from Tchaikovski's Children's Album, Op.39, performed by Louis Sauter (piano)
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  • Vagabondages
    Vagabondages Vagabondages is a collection of eight short pieces for piano. Each piece is inspired by a place where I lived: 1. Rome, New York: Danse iroquoise. A short fantasy on a traditional Native American dance. 2. Langen (Hessen): Handkäse mit Musik. Handkäse is a German regional cheese, often eaten while drinken large amounts of cider. When topped with onions, it is called "Handkäse with Music", suggesting the subsequent flatulence (which is represented in the piece). For more information on Handkäse, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handk%C3%A4se 3. Valencia - La Cañada: - Sérénade. A simple Catalan serenade. 4. Beaulieu-sur-mer - Nice: La Baie-des-fourmis. A sunny tune in Provençal style. 5. Paris: Le collège franco-britannique. A residence for students in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, where British and French mingle. 6. College Station: Gig 'em! A souvenir from Texas A & M University. 7. Saint-Michel-sur-Orge: Promenade sur l'Orge. A romantic stroll along the river. 8. Longjumeau - Balizy: L'or du Rouillon. The Rouillon is a small stream that flows through Balizy, where the Knights Templar supposedly hid their gold. The title is a pun on the French name of Wagner's opera L'or du Rhin.
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  • Louis Sauter: Apophtegmes - Suite pour orchestre
    Louis Sauter: Apophtegmes - Suite pour orchestre Apophtegmes Orchestra Suite by Louis Sauter (selection) Dimitris Bouzanis, conductor. Recorded in Greece on 28 May 2013.
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  • Louis Sauter: 2 Tierkreis Variations
    Louis Sauter: 2 Tierkreis Variations Variations on Leo and Virgo from the Tierkreis by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Composed by Louis Sauter and performed on 5 June 2013 in Fresnes.
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