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Hi I am a locksmith and create regular podcasts regarding home security. I will be uploading some soon so watch this space! Here is an example of one I've already recorded (transcribed):

It seems that it is a part of life that either us or someone we know have been burglarized. Whenever the economy is doing poorly and people are needing work, burglaries are quite common. If we acknowledge the truth that we can be robbed at anytime, we need to make every effort to make it as difficult as possible. If you cannot afford a high-tech burglar alarm system, there are still ways for you to secure your home. In the following paragraphs we are going to look at several of the ways you can discourage burglars and keep your valuables safe.

An evident time when your home is vulnerable is if you're away on vacation or a weekend break. When you are traveling somewhere for a little while, you should let your neighbors know and they may check every so often to see if your home is safe. If you leave a call number with them where they can possibly reach you or a nearby family member, this will provide extra peace of mind for you so that you can enjoy your trip. You also have the option for adding timers to activate lights in your home at certain times of the evening. You are able to create the illusion of people in your own home by having a timer connected to a radio or stereo to generate noise.

When someone comes near your house it can be off putting if security lights are activated and you can also buy a fake dog barking device that will cause hesitation for an intruder. It is also a good idea to firmly hide your important documents and valuables so anyone peeking inside would not be tempted to break into your home. If you're able to buy a safe box for any really valuable items these can be hidden away.

With regards to the outside areas of your home the perfect combination is if people are easily visible from the front whereas the rear should be hard to access. If the entrance of your home is accessible, people can see anyone walking on to your property. At the back of the home, you should have secured fences and thorny shrubbery to make it hard for someone to jump over. Almost any warning sign on your wall could also help in keeping someone from breaking into your home.

The point is that even if you cannot afford to have an advanced home security system, you can still protect your home from burglary.

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    Home Security Advice From a Locksmith Home Security Advice From a Locksmith (Podcast Episode 1) - Tips to prevent your home from being broken into. "It is just a unfortunate fact of life but if you are the same as most people you may have been a victim of burglary yourself or know someone who has suffered a break in at their home. This type of crime will always happen and this is especially the fact when people are going through hard times. There is not any excuse of course to swipe from others but if you accept that it could happen to you, at least you can make it as difficult as possible for someone to target your home. In the event you cannot afford a high-tech burglar alarm system, there are still ways for you to secure your home ..."
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