Use technology to keep an eye on your employees
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Every reputed company these days have to provide the employees with a smartphone and a computer. It has become essential if you want the work to be done with full efficiency. But it also gives the employees an opportunity to use these resources for things other than actual company work. In a large scale enterprise this is not a big issue as they have huge budgets. A little wastage does not affect them. But in a small scale business the budget is limited and thus the owner tries to save as much as possible.
If you are a small company owner you would obviously want to make sure that every minute that you are paying the employees for should be spent working. Of course you can keep taking rounds every few minutes and take a peek in every cubical. But that will look desperate and also you will not be able to do your own work. Thus you need a sneaky method of keeping an eye on them. There are two main technologies that can help you make this happen. These are described in completed detail below.

Install keyloggers in company owned computers. The employees can very easily use the computers and internet you gave them to check their social media accounts or watch movies. You cannot stick around them at all times to stop them from doing so. But you can get reports of what they are doing with the help of a keylogger. It is a special piece of software that logs the stroke of every key on a computer. If you get it installed, you will get reports of what the employees are doing. You will know whether they typed a business email for the client or a status update for Facebook. Besides the logs of keystrokes you can also get screenshots of the computer taken at the interval of every five minutes. And the best part is that all this info will be emailed to you regularly. If you find out that one of the employees is spending too much time on useless things, you can confront them with evidence. Also, if all of them keep working properly they will never have to know that you have such software installed. So, get a remote keylogger right now.

Install trackers apps on company owned phones. If you have provided your employees with phones, you have the right to know what they are using it for. You can installed a tracker app that will give you records of all the calls made and received, along with time spent on each call. Similarly you can get the records of text messages too. But the best part is that you can track the movements of the employees with the help of GPS. Those who spend most of the time in the field may not be doing actual work. With the help of such an app you can make sure that the employee is where they are supposed to be. It can also be helpful in case of emergency.

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