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  • Age - Jim Croce A little history...he grew up in a very musical family. He self-taught himself guitar and piano, his sister Jane Shelly is a professional flautist, his brother plays guitar and they all used to spend evenings singing rounds as kids. So he would often sing at family get togethers. My youth was filled with listening to him play and sing Jim Croce and John Denver among others. He died of lung cancer, but survived 5 years after his diagnosis. This left him with time...time to do something completely cool and completely unexpected. He recorded 6 CD's worth of sings he used to sing to us. I didn't know anything about this until the funeral where the tapes were played during the service. Jane had them converted to CD's and I imported them to iTunes to have them whenever I need them.
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  • My Sweet Lady Cover of John Denver's My Sweet Lady by Dayton Shelly
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