Laser Derm & Wellness Centre is a medical spa and wellness centre in Red Deer, AB. Here, we offer medical dermatology as well as cosmetic aesthetics. For more information, contact us at (403) 347-8050 or visit our website.

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  • 4 Common Causes of Adult-Onset Acne
    4 Common Causes of Adult-Onset Acne If acne is leaving you feeling frustrated, don’t worry, Laser and Skin Care MedSpa has an excellent treatment for you. We provide a wide variety of skin care treatments that will provide the best results and make your skin clearer. http://laserskincaremedspa.ca/4-common-causes-of-adult-onset-acne/
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  • Thick, Rough Age Spots Have you found age spots on different parts of your body? Visit Laser and Skin Care MedSpa to discover an effective way to reverse the signs of aging and to restore smoother, younger looking skin. http://laserskincaremedspa.ca/
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  • Treating Broken Blood Vessels on the Face Broken blood vessels can be an unfortunate and unsightly part of aging. There are several effective ways to avoid broken capillaries, about which you can come to know by calling Laser and Skin Care MedSpa or visiting - http://laserskincaremedspa.ca/treating-broken-blood-vessels-on-the-face/
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  • Skin Resurfacing Reduces the Signs of Aging
    Skin Resurfacing Reduces the Signs of Aging With laser resurfacing, the professionals at Laser and Skin Care MedSpa use rapid pulses of high-intensity light to remove damaged skin layers, tightening and smoothing the skin, correcting hypo or hyper pigmentation, and removing wrinkles. For more on this quality treatment, visit - http://laserskincaremedspa.ca/skin-resurfacing-reduces-the-signs-of-aging/
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  • Tips For A Healthy You
    Tips For A Healthy You Drinking a great deal of water is good for your health. Whenever possible, drink as much water as you can. You won’t gain weight from water! For more health tips, visit http://laserskincaremedspa.ca/tips-for-a-healthy-you/
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  • Diet is Key to Achieving Great Skin If you want to look younger, avoid foods with refined sugar and limit carbohydrates. This will help prevent your skin from toughening and sagging. For more tips on improving your skin conditions, visit http://laserdermclinic.ca/diet-is-key-to-achieving-great-skin/
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