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  • 8 Fundamental Consulting Practices – Part 1 http://www.readydaq.com/professional-labview-expert ReadyDaq is a group of professional project based labview developers and consultants, also an affordable consulting firm providing solution for freelance projects.
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  • Outdoor Safety with the Help of Data Acquisition http://www.readydaq.com/temperature-data-logger Ready Daq tried to set up a standard model of temperature measurement. ReadyDAQ’s blog to learn more about temperature measurement, especially about temperature data logger.
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  • Light and Spectra Measurement in Microclimates http://readydaq.blogspot.com/2016/09/light-and-spectra-measurement-in.html Many spectrometer measure and calculate the intensity of light in a single moment for a single location. If we compare light in a specific field to a rainstorm that is measured with a rain gauge, the quantity of light is determined using a data logger with a light sensor.
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  • The Basics of Optical Spectrum Analysis http://www.readydaq.com/spectrometer You’re probably wondering how does such a device work? Well, it sounds simple, a grating, which is the essential part of every spectrometer, splits the light into its components or wavelengths. The light travels through the mirror and reaches photodetector bar- a device which turns photons into electrical signal and a software interprets them to measure their strength.Sounds simple, right?
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  • Data Acquisition in Agriculture http://readydaq.blogspot.com/2016/09/data-acquisition-in-agriculture.html What industry employs the third of World’s population, and we couldn’t live without it? If your guess was agriculture, you were absolutely right. The expansion of the land use has stopped over the last few decades after a tremendous increase in the last two centuries, however, the population is constantly growing thus the market needs more of their products. To solve this problem, the agricultural practice needs to be more efficient, and data acquisition has an important role in that cause.
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  • Is Your Data Logger Broken? http://www.readydaq.com/temperature-data-logger If you’ve started to doubt in the results of the measurements of your data acquisition system, you’re probably wondering whether your data logger is functioning properly. There are few simple steps to determine if the device is broken or malfunctioning
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  • The Development of Data Acquisition http://readydaq.com/content/blog/real-time-data-acquisition-software-development-better-connected-tomorrow Data Acquisition, otherwise known as DAQ, is a generally known term that alludes to a PC based framework involved simple and/or computerized sources of info and yields. Today, most frameworks are based upon PCs, yet there is still an expansive business sector for frameworks based upon different stages, for example, VME and PXI and in addition those in light of exclusive installed controllers.
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  • Why Do We Need Data Loggers? http://readydaq.com/ Data loggers are need for a large number of reasons, usually to make sure that industry specific regulations are respected, as well as for quality and environmental control. Furthermore, data logger lower the costs by making the efficient energy management possible or putting the number of wastage of damaged goods.
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  • Data Acquisition and Rapid Prototyping http://readydaq.com/ The water technology industry is vast. It ranges from providing drinking water to using wastewater. The standard water meters are used in almost every household, but for how long? New, advanced data acquisition system are being created. Advanced automatic meter reading includes using mobile, satellite, Wi-Fi and touch technologies. Data acquisition system in water technologies is working fine and data loggers have proven to be trustworthy.
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  • Data Logger or Data Acquisition? http://readydaq.com/content/blog/real-time-data-acquisition-software-development-better-connected-tomorrow Which one is right, data logger or data acquisition? We’ve been tossing around these two terms a lot; yet, some people still struggle to distinguish their meaning. Let’s say you want to measure temperature levels, record, and analyze them, which one is the correct answer? Long story short, both are. The distinctions between these two have become so insignificant they’re basically the same.
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