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  • Sexuality Focus Course: Being More at Home in Yourself Join Senior Trainer Warren Kahn and Knoxville's Enrollment Coordinator Marcia Walker as they discuss the concerns and the benefits of the Sexuality Course to be held February 22-23, 2014 in Knoxville.
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  • OTH Positive Lifeshocks and Visioning What can you learn from your positive lifeshocks? In Opening The Heart, you can find out! Senior Trainer Peggy Jarrett also talks about how the course opens your capacity to vision your future.
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  • OTH Tuition Senior Trainer Peggy Jarrett talks about tuition for the focus course Opening The Heart and how it differs from the Pay It Forward More To Life registration fee.
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  • Why Opening the Heart
    Why Opening the Heart Senior Trainer Peggy Jarrett talks with More To Life students about why they want to take the focus course Opening The Heart
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  • OTH intro Opening The Heart, a More To Life focus course: Peggy Jarrett, More To Life Senior Trainer talks about Opening The Heart with Marcia Walker
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